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Why Can't These Cats Just Get Along?

Updated: Apr 12

We're starting to give Franki more free reign of the house. He typically stays close to his room but will venture out when the mood strikes him. But he is a bit of a scaredy-cat, so his instinct is often to run and hide.

He is the sweetest, most affectionate cat. It's funny, though—he often looks perpetually shocked.

One of our friends jokingly said he should switch to decaf.

Franki is a hard cat to see when he is hiding. His eyes are the only things that seem to catch the light, so when he's under a bed or behind a sofa, it's difficult to know he's there. This makes it especially challenging when we are trying to locate him. Fortunately, food is useful in drawing him out. And we got him a collar, so he jingles now.

Grizzabella, my most ardent hope of becoming Franki's friend, currently is not at all wild about him. The other night, Franki wanted to get on our bed, Grizzy freaked out, and they ran down the stairs, snarling and growling. Franki seemed more scared than anything, but Grizzy was clearly annoyed. She's quite possessive, especially of me.

Last night, Franki came into our room, and Grizzy hid under the bed. Very unlike her. She's normally a brave cat.

Blondie, surprisingly, has been tolerant. Not thrilled, certainly. But she has not attempted to flee nor has she growled at him (although I'm sure she will if Franki gets too close to her.

Meanwhile, Chappy is still largely confined to her room if Franki (or even Grizzy) is out and about. I'm not sure there will ever be a good time to have Franki and Chappy out together.

Chappy sure loves her alone time with Isaias and/or me. She just purrs and purrs and purrs. And while she does enjoy getting out from time to time, she likes being in her room. I think it makes her feel safe and comfortable.

She and Grizzy were in my office together, which is unusual. Grizzy was on my desk and Chappy was on the floor. And while no one was growling or hissing, Chappy never took her eyes off Grizzabella. She just stared at her in focused terror.

I do believe Franki and Grizzabella will eventually reach a level of tolerance, if not friendship.

This household would be a lot less challenging if these cats could all just get along with each other. I see all these photos from friends of their cats snuggling with one another, and I think, "Why can't at least two of our cats be like that with each other?"

I still have high hopes for Grizzy and Franki. Wish us luck.

Meanwhile, Franki and I are chillin' together while Grizzy seethingly rages out in the hall.

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