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Welcome Home, Dads!

You will never be able to convince me that cats don't have emotions or souls. They were soooo happy when we returned from our trip. We were especially concerned about Franki, who had never met our niece Savannah, who took care of our "kids" while we were gone.

Savannah told us that Franki didn't come out until a couple of days before we returned because he was scared. She finally was able to pet him.

The rest of the cats love Savannah, but boy, was everyone delighted when Isaias and I returned. Grizzabella would not let me out of her sight. Blondie was purring so loud. Chappy was perhaps the happiest I have seen her in some time. And I woke up this morning with Franki Boo mushed against my back.

When I left to run some errands this morning, Isaias said Grizzy cried and cried and cried.

Everyone is glad to have us back and we are equally glad to be back home with our babies.

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