• StevenF

We Miss You, Nena

I saw this while shopping with Isaias this morning.

The color of the one that says "Mom" and, of course, the butterfly makes me think of her.

The one in back says, "We know you would be here today if heaven weren't so far away."

I actually don't think heaven is far away. I think it is quite close. I think those who have passed are among us right now.

We can feel her.

But it's not the same, of course.

We miss her. A lot.

And life has changed in drastic ways since she left us.

On this day, two days before her birthday, we miss and honor her for all that she gave us and left us.

She is gone but not really.

She will always be with us.

Until we see her again, and then we will be with her.

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