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We Miss You, Mom

On this Mother's Day we are reminded of the loss of Nena. Two years ago, on Mother's Day, Nena went into the hospital with COVID-19. She never came home.

This is what Isaias wrote about her on Facebook today:

On Mother’s Day 2020 my mom went into the hospital and never came home. Two years later, Steven and I still feel the pain of her loss. The last Mother's Day gift mom received from me and Steven was food from Texas Roadhouse and a plant from Lowe’s. Mom always wanted to make sure I brought enough food for everyone, so we did. That day was the last time I saw her standing at her door.

The first year of mom being gone felt like we were still waiting for her to come home. For 27 days Steven and I sat in the parking lot of the hospital praying that mom get another day of life but also that her other children survive this horrible virus. Mom finally loss her battle with Covid-19 on June 3, 2020.

2 years later, Steven and I sit at our kitchen table each night and talk about how much we miss her. We also talk about our boy, Jasper who came to us last year at this time only to leave us 5 months later.

Steven and I were blessed to go on many adventures together with Mom. Her favorite thing was getting to stay in nice hotel rooms on each trip, and she loved her long stay in Washington state with my niece Karla. She even received calls asking if I had sent her away forever. She thought that was very funny.

At the end of her life, Mom still had many more things she wanted to do and so much unfinished business with people. Mom lived her final weeks with the TV on channel 13 so she could watch her favorite man, Jimmy Kimmel, and only the nurses were there to give her the human touch that we would all want in our final days.

I would be lying if I said that mom wasn’t scared of dying, but she was. She felt so alone, just fighting so hard to survive this horrible virus.

As I watched my mom for one final time on FaceTime to ask what her wishes were, the nurse gently comforted her while wiping her tears away and pulling her hair back from her face. I asked mom if she had anything to tell her children and she said in a whispered voice, “Tell them all I love them,” and that’s the last time I heard her voice.

I thought I would share screenshots of my final text messages that I sent my mom. As you can see, she never responded. Mom was just to sick and emotional to respond. You will also see she tested negative and a few days later she would be fighting for her life.

So this Mother’s Day, while Steven and I still grieve her loss, we also celebrate her wonderful life and legacy. While she is not here, we know that she is now living a joyful life with my dad in heaven. She is probably wondering how Jasper and Trooper ended up in her backyard. Mom didn’t like cats, but I think she thought it was funny to send us both Franki Boo and Jasper and also the many other cats that visit our backyard.

Thank you, Mom, for being the best mom ever and also for sending us Jasper and Franki Boo. Happy Mother’s Day, and we look forward to seeing you again one day.

We miss you, Nena.

So much.

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