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I Love My Babies

Updated: Apr 12

Franki is definitely getting more comfortable here at home. He's not as skittish as he was when we first got him, although he is still a spazz.

He is, by far, the heaviest of our cats, and that's saying something because all of the girls are big chunklets. Trooper and Jasper are the only cats we've had that didn't put on much weight.

Franki is very affectionate. He will let us hold him upside down in our arms, and he will just stay there. I often wake up to find him cuddled against me.

It reminds me of Trooper. She often slept in that same spot. Grizzabella is very affectionate and will sometimes sleep next to me or on top of me, but she isn't always as relaxed or submissive as Trooper was or as Franki is when sleeping right next to me.

When I am sitting, he will often rest between my legs or on my foot.

Unlike the other cats, who come into the bathroom if we are in there, he often waits just outside the door. Sometimes he comes in, but this is more often what I see.

Although he sometimes annoys Grizzy, as I have said in past posts, they often pal around together, which just delights me to no end.

This is him trying to get her to play with him:

And this is him submissively acquiescing to her after she bopped him on the news, informing him she was not in the mood to play:

He's such a funny cat. Isaias will get on the floor and lie down, and Franki will mimic him. Often Franki will flop down on the floor on his back. It's very cute.

He's such a powerfully strong cat. He'll bat on the porch door when he sees a cat outside. He's still trying to break a terrified Chappy out of her room by slamming his body into her door.

He has nearly tripped both Isaias and me because he will excitedly run past (or into) us, nearly knocking us down. But he's such a sweet cat. We are happy to have him here.

Yesterday Blondie was momentarily tolerant of him. Blondie was in the bathroom with me, and Franki peeked in. Blondie knew he was there but didn't growl like she normally does. That's when Franki mistakenly thought, "Oh, cool, she wants to be friends now," and he got too close to her, and she hissed at him, causing him to run away.

But all three are coexisting very well.

Chappy is another case altogether. We sure wish we knew what to do with her. We sometimes think she might be mentally ill. She's very nervous and unpredictable. She also has bouts of aggression and behavioral problems.

One reason we keep her largely confined to her room is not only because she doesn't get on well with the other cats but because if we don't supervise her, she will pee outside the litter box. We know it's a behavioral thing because she doesn't do it in her room. She only does it outside of her room. The additions of Grizzabella and Franki have just made it worse, but it has been an ongoing issue for about 5 or 6 years now.

Recently I let her out for some exercise, and she had been doing better (I thought), but I didn't watch her carefully enough, and she ruined the bottom of some curtains we had. We replaced them and put an area rug there, which Grizzy seems to like.

Anyway, I feel bad leaving Chappy in her room so often. She seems relatively happy in there (moreso when Isaias or I are in there with her), but sometimes she wants to get out, and we have to watch her like a hawk.

I feel like she will continue to get worse as she gets older and that her behavioral issues will get harder to deal with. We love her a lot, and she can be so sweet at times, but she is often a very frustrating cat. She is our version of a "problem child." She just seems to have constant anxiety, and any change we make to her routine seems to set her off.

I wish there was a way to explain things to Chappy the way we might do so with another human being. No luck there, though.

Blondie is showing her age, but she still has a lot of vitality.

Here's a cute photo of Grizzy sleeping:

We sure do love these babies so much

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