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These Cats Won't Let Me Sleep

I swear Franki and Grizzabella were playing tag at 6:30 this morning. They were definitely playing. Running around. Chasing each other. Scratching stuff.

Sometimes Franki would settle down and lie down next to me, but as soon as he heard Grizzy doing something, he'd leap off the bed, scared that he was missing some fun.

I'm so glad they are getting along so well, but 6:30 was a bit too early for my taste for cat craziness, especially since I hadn't gone to bed until 2:30am.

I went and slept with Chappy for about an hour, but then she was crying to get out of her room.

Then I came downstairs to crash on the couch. Of course Grizzy and Franki followed me. They had both settled down by this point, but I couldn't seem to fall back asleep.

So here I am, still super tired, with both these guys finally asleep and I seem unable to zone out. Plus, I have kitty litter boxes to change before I go to work in three or so hours. So who knows if I will get any sleep?

Ah, these cats.

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