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The Magic of Franki

Updated: Apr 12

So Franki has been staying in Jasper's old room for the past couple of nights. (S)he's sleeping next to me right now and purring sooooo LOUDLY.

Franki is such a friendly cat. (S)he has a wild side, but overall, (s)he does not seem like a feral cat. We still don't know his/her sex. We've tried getting a look, but Franki has a lot of fur, and it's hard to tell. We think (s)he might be a boy. Whatever (s)he is, (s)he is full figured and eats like a horse but seems to prefer wet food over dry. (S)he is very playful and craves attention.

On the surface, Franki is in much better shape than either Jasper or Grizzabella were when we found them. His/her pee smells bad, and we noticed soft stool in his/her litter box. We will likely take Franki to the vet next week to make sure everything is okay.

Many of you out there have indicated we should keep Franki. We are making every effort to locate his/her family if (s)he has one. Then we will decide. If we can't find them and if Franki gets on relatively well with the other cats, we will likely keep him/her.

In any case, (s)he seems happy here, and we like having him/her here.

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