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The Chappy and Franki Morning Saga

Updated: Apr 12

Franki woke us up at about 6:00 AM this morning attempting to "rescue" Chappy from her bedroom. As I've mentioned in a previous post, he does this by slamming his fat, solid body into her door. He's a big cat, and it makes quite a noise. In fact, Isaias worries he could actually break the door.

The hitting of the door by Franki only serves to agitate an already nervous Chappy, so I went in her room to calm her down. Of course, now that I'm in the room, Franki was even more curious to get in here.

I even opened the door so they could see each other, just to let Franki know how unexcited Chappy would be to meet him. Franki naively attempted to enter while Chappy hissed and panted like she does when she is upset.

I pushed Franki out and said, "I'm sorry, Franki, but this cat does not want to be your friend."

We are genuinely concerned Chappy will attack Franki, and we don't want either cat to feel traumatized.

It's too bad because Franki just wants a friend. Chappy just wants to live in peace.

Chappy is a sweet cat but very nervous and exhibits a lot of behavioral issues. She's gotten worse as she's gotten older. If it were just her and Blondie, I think she might be okay. Not that Chappy and Blondie get along either, but they have co-existed longer.

Chappy just can't stand Grizzabella, and now Grizzabella is afraid of her because Chappy attacked her once. I don't doubt she would do the same to Franki, and he is already skittish as it is. We've finally gotten him comfortable here. We don't need Chappy putting a wrench in that.

I feel bad for Chappy because she desires affection but doesn't always know how to deal with it. We've always suspected Chappy has some mental issues. She is definitely our most challenging cat.

And yet she is incredibly sweet one-on-one. She loves it when one of us spends time with her in her room, and she loves being out of the room on her own. I think in a perfect world, she would prefer it just be her and Isaias and me.

She is not typically a cuddler the way the other cats are. She does not enjoy being held. She is not a lap cat. She often avoids us when we try to pet her.

Yet in her room, where she feels safest, is where she will be the most affectionate. She purrs so loudly when we lie next to her, and that is when she is most likely to relax and let us pet her. The other night she even did this, which is unusual for her:

She rarely gets right up against us like that. But she sure likes having us in the room. Currently, this is her status:

This is more her usual behavior—close enough to be near me, sometimes even holding a paw against me, but not right up against me. And if I even move slightly, she will skedaddle off the bed.

It also doesn't help this morning that the wind is blowing furiously because the howling wind sometimes makes Chappy nervous.

I feel especially bad this morning for Isaias, who has been working long hours at work these past few weeks and who desperately needs some sleep that these cats are not giving him.

In other news, I feel like Franki and Grizzy might actually be getting along. Franki still annoys Grizzy, but she is definitely more comfortable around him than she used to be. They are certainly able to share the same space without getting into it.

Two nights ago, we came home to this:

And yesterday, the two of them were sleeping relatively close to one another:

So things are getting better.

Franki is also feeling quite at home here:

So things are going relatively well in cat land. It's just been a challenging morning. But look, even as I write this, Chappy has calmed down, pressing her paws against my arm.

She's purring too.

Aw, cats.

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