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Shooting in Texas

Updated: May 24

I try to write uplifting, empowering things in my blog when I can, but as I watch the news of yet another shooting—this time, killing 19 elementary school children and two adults—I feel angry and sad.

It's so senseless and yet so preventable if we as a country cared enough. But we don't.

We really don't.

If we did, things surely would have changed after Sandy Hook or the Las Vegas mass shooting. But they don't.

These stories have become so commonplace now that they don't even feel shocking now. Just incredibly sad.

We are the worst country when it comes to these kind of domestic mass shootings. And we are the worst at doing anything useful to prevent these kinds of acts of violence.

And as tighter abortion laws are being enacted by the same types of pro-life supporters who refuse to support tighter gun control measures, it all feels just a bit hypocritical to only care about a life when it's a fetus but let innocent children and adults continually get slaughtered day after day when it is all so preventable.

Other countries have successfully done it. We could, too, if we chose too.

But I have little faith that we ever will.

If this country is destroyed, it will definitely be from within, not without.

I wish I had uplifting words today, but I don't. It's all so devastating and disheartening.

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