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Our Sweet Little Boy

We sure love our Franki.

He's so at home now.

I think of when he first came into our home, eating like he'd never get another meal; hiding behind the couch or under the bed; pooping poops that smelled like something dead came out of him.

Now he pals around with Grizzy; sleeps on our bed; lets us cuddle with him; and his bowel movements are so much less smelly.

He still eats like a horse—and might as well weigh as much as one—often eating the other cats' food. He is heavy! But he's not as madly desperate about eating as he was when he first joined our family.

He is a flopper. Whereas Grizzy is very careful and deliberate when she lies next to us, Franki flops his body next to us with a big GA-LOOMP!

He looooves having his tummy rubbed. He often licks my hand while I'm doing, as if showing appreciation for it. I've also discovered he is a toe licker—my big toe, in particular. And sometimes a toe biter.

He doesn't know his strength. Sometimes he really is just playing, but he bites hard, although he's getting better at not doing so. He also launches his fat, heavy body on top of Grizzy, which she does not appreciate simply because he is so massive. But she does like playing with him.

She does get jealous at times of the attention we put on Franki. She wants to be the center of attention.

Franki also made the mistake of jumping on Blondie, which he immediately discovered was a mistake. She was not nearly as gentle or kind about it as Grizzy has been. He has learned pretty quickly that Blondie has no interest in playing with him, although I have been surprised at how willing she is to hang out on the bed with us when he is there. She is still no fan of his, although last night I caught him, Grizzy, and Blondie together at the door when I came home.

It is not unusual to find Grizzy and him waiting for me, but Blondie bring with them certainly was unusual. It was like they were having some sort of cat council that I interrupted—probably plotting a takeover.

Franki is still a skittish spaz who runs at the slightest movement, but he is getting much better about just lying near our feet without freaking out.

He loves looking out the porch door at the outdoor cats, clawing the glass to either attract them or drive them off.

He enjoys being held and is very submissive when I pet him. I can't do it for long, though, because he is so heavy. I thought Grizzy, Blondie, and Chappy were all heavy girls, but Franki outweighs each of them. And he is a big cat!

We are so glad he is part of our family.

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