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Our Delightful Little Day

We did a thing today. It's been a while since I've been in a casino. As far as themes go, I've always kind of liked the Mirage. I'll be kind of sad when the Hard Rock renovates and redesigns it. The old Hard Rock was actually one of my least favorite casinos. But today Isaias and I went to the Mirage, not to gamble—we're not gamblers—but to attend the Halloween and Party Expo at their convention center.

This event is not open to the general public but to businesses who buy and sell Halloween and party supplies. Isaias has a business where he sells Halloween folk art, so that's how we were able to attend.

It's been a while since we've really gone on a fun outing, not since we saw Kristin Chenoweth.

Before that, I think it was when we went to Enchant a month ago.

Usually we're working, running errands, or at the house. And Isaias' job has kept him particularly busy lately. Yesterday was supposed to have been a more relaxing day, but because of a crisis involving a friend of Isaias', it was not.

So it was just fun to get out and look at all the cool stuff they had. There were costumes, masks, decorations, special effects items, etc. I think it says a lot about me as a gay man that I find pasties frightening. 😄 Isaias, who has costumed many shows, has dealt with them before, but I get uncomfortable around them for some reason. I guess that's my baggage.

There also was a whole company dedicated to those supposedly sent costumes (you know, sexy nurse, sexy maid, sexy secretary, etc?). I just kind of find that whole genre of costumes unsexy and misogynistic, quite frankly. But I'm also gay and a feminist, so I am probably not in the niche market they are going for. And I'm sure there are women who feel sexy in those outfits. Not my thing.

We had fun. Then we went to the mall to run a errand for Isaias' job and talked extensively with a friend of ours who works at Macy's. I also bought myself this boss jacket.

Sometimes you just gotta buy something nice for yourself, so I did.

We bought some pizza and came home. Blondie, apparently, was interested in joining us.

She even went so far as to bathe herself.

That was attractive. Meanwhile, Grizzabella, who has been gunning to be Alpha Cat since Trooper passed away, sat atop a box of shoes Isaias purchased for work, surveying her future kingdom.

What she doesn't know is that the new kid in town, Franki, might end up being her competition.

Right now he's chillaxin'. He tested negative for feline leukemia. Still waiting to hear about FIV.

Anyway, Isaias and I are home now. Isaias is asleep and I'm hanging out with Franki (much to Grizzabella's chagrin).

It's been a pretty awesome day.

Oh, I almost forgot, we got free samples at the Expo, too.

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