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Our Little Cat Family

Updated: Apr 12

It's very exciting but I think these two are becoming friends.

I see them together often these days, and they are definitely playing. They follow each other around to see what the other is doing.

It's true that sometimes Franki annoys Grizzabella and that she is not in the mood to play, but he is pretty good about letting her be the boss and just stays near her without bothering her.

They usually sleep relatively close to each other these days, although occasionally Grizzabella gets fed up with his nonsense and chooses to sleep downstairs. But most of the time they sleep in relative proximity to each other.

The other night I woke them up after coming home from work. You can see how thrilled they are that I did so, especially Grizzabella.

Yesterday I was doing some work in my office, and they both joined me.

So I'm really happy they are getting along.

Having Franki here is kind of like having a newborn or toddler. He's full of energy, is a bit mischievous, and wakes us up at odd hours.

He is getting better about adhering to our sleeping schedule. This morning he was cuddled up against me when I woke up.

He can get a little feisty at times. Playful, but will bite harder than necessary, although I don't think he realizes it.

He no longer scarfs down his food like it will be his last meal. He is much more relaxed. He is more comfortable around us and less skittish, although he is, admittedly, still easily startled. He doesn't sleep under our bed as often as he used to, choosing to sleep on the bed more often now.

We're glad he's feeling more at home here and so glad he and Grizzy are becoming friends. Grizzabella has wanted a friend for some time, and Franki just wants to be friends with everybody.

Blondie is a little grumpy butt. She tolerates Franki but is not particularly delighted to have him around. She growls at everybody—Franki, Grizzabella, Chappy.

Her favorite thing is when I sit in her chair in our living room. She gets so excited and runs over to me like a kitten because she knows it's cuddle time.

She prefers to sleep downstairs away from Franki, although sometimes when she gets lonely, she will come up and begrudgingly deal with the fact that Franki is on the bed if it means more attention from Isaias and me. But typically, she sleeps downstairs.

She is showing her age. I sometimes forget she is only a year younger than Trooper was because she doesn't have any apparent health issues. But we do notice it is harder for her to hop up onto tables, counters, and chair arms these days. But she still has an abundance of energy and seems to be doing well. We took both her and Franki for a checkup recently, and both are doing fine.

Chaplin largely remains confined to her room and usually seems happy to be so.

Sometimes she gets restless and wants to come out, so we make sure Franki and Grizzabella are locked up, so Chappy can roam around unstressed. Grizzabella didn't used to be afraid of Chappy, but now she is. We think Chappy attacked her. We are sure she will do the same to Franki, and we do not want him traumatized.

For her part, Chappy gets very agitated around the other cats, although Blondie is the only one she won't attack because she knows Blondie won't put up with that.

And Chappy is really good about going back to her room when it's time. She also loves it when we come in there and hang out with her. That's when she becomes her cuddliest.

We sure love these guys. I'm so glad they are ours.

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