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Officially Off of Facebook

So I started this blog on January 1 with the intention of leaving Facebook. I gave all of my Facebook friends a month's notice that this is where I could be found once I deactivated my account. And now it's February 1, and I have officially followed through on my resolution to quit Facebook. My account is deactivated.

Facebook had become such a habit for me. It was usually the first thing I did when I woke up. I would scroll through my newsfeed multiple times. It was often the last thing I looked at before going to bed (that or my crossword puzzles).

There is a lot of useful information on Facebook, but it had become a time waster, an addiction, and a source of emotional discomfort to me. I'm tired of reading about people arguing about stuff. I also felt like lately I was getting more ads and less updates about my friends, which really, seem like the whole point why I joined Facebook in the first place all those years ago.

It also feels like the algorithms are such that I'm not even seeing friends' posts that I would like to see, and I would imagine the reverse is true as well.

What I do like about Facebook is knowing the events that are going on in friends' and family's lives: deaths, marriages, new relationships, a new home, new jobs, struggles, etc. It's also a good networking tool to help keep me abreast on what's going on in my industry. And I like some of the articles and memes people pass on. It also helps me stay up to date on trending news. So I will miss those parts of it.

But I'm, quite frankly, just tired of the platform. Tired of how much time I devote to it. Tired of how I sometimes feel when I'm on the platform. Tired of the divisive behavior I see exhibited on the platform. Tired of the endless ads. Tired of how narcissistic it makes me feel. Tired of how it causes people to reduce complex issues into simple soundbites and simplistic memes. Tired of how it just reinforces this idea of talking past each other and being super enraged about every news story that happens to be tending in the news cycle at the moment. I'm just kind of bored and over it all. I need a break.

From August 2020 to January 6, 2021, I took a Facebook hiatus, and it was rather lovely. The only reason I got back on was because the January 6 Insurrection happened, and I wanted to see what people were saying about it. And then I got hooked and reeled back in again.

I'm hoping this time will be permanent. I never cancel my account. Too much information that I may need to access or refer to is there still. But I want to be away from it all again.

It was weird (just as it was in August 2020) to not automatically get on Facebook. It will again be an adjustment to not have that crutch to rely on anymore. But it is needed.

Anything I want to express, I can do so here. Thanks for those of you who followed me from Facebook. I'm truly honored you are here and that you think anything I have to say is interesting enough that you would want to follow a blog created by me.

Anyway, day one off of Facebook. Going very well so far.

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