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Of COVID, Sex Scenes, Cats, and Divisions

As the title indicates, this post will be about several unrelated things.

I'm feeling much better now. Much better. I was really sad not to be able to see my family while they were in town. My niece and nephew went to Omega Mart yesterday. It sounded like they had fun. I'm glad.\

Originally, I was supposed to have worked last night, and so I was looking forward to seeing them at the venue in person. And then this morning, I was to have had breakfast with them and the rest of my brother's family. But alas, COVID had other plans. So that was a bummer.

But I think the worst of COVID is over for me. I'm still stuffy, and the cough comes up now and then. But overall, I feel pretty good, like someone who's getting over a cold. I'm glad it wasn't any worse and am glad there haven't been any major side least that I've noticed.

My voice is finally strong enough that I was able to resume production on the audiobook I'm working on. I actually like the book. The writer is good. Yesterday I had to record one of the sex scenes. There are three in the book. They're relatively tame, but still explicit enough that I was kind of nervous about it.

Still, it's just acting, which is what I do. It's been a fun challenge doing this book. I really had planned on focusing on non-fiction when I started, but this book is fiction, and I've really enjoyed it. I've been able to get seven more chapters down, but my voice, which is not at its strongest, was getting tired, so I had to stop. Still, I'm about halfway through the book, and I'm pretty proud of my work. The rights holder seems happy, too, which is what I guess counts.

The editing method I learned in my audiobook class is quite fast once one knows what they are doing, so the work is going relatively smoothly. It's just a challenge finding good times to record when the cats aren't privy to what I'm doing. I had to lock them up today, and Grizzy was mad! She was even more annoyed later when I went to feed her and Romeo tried to eat her food.

I love Romeo. He's such a friendly cat. But I get the impression our cats don't feel the same way. Blondie, Grizzy, and Franki have all stayed upstairs with me. Franki barely comes out. It's weird because everybody is cordial with each other when they see each other. Or maybe it's my nephews that Franki is afraid of. I know Blondie doesn't care for the boys. But she's kind of a grump who doesn't care for anybody but Isaias and me.

I did feed Franki earlier today, and Grizzy went for his food, which she doesn't usually do. I had to feed both of them together.

I've also been hanging out with Chappy.

Since I've been down and trying to avoid infecting everyone else, it's been even harder trying to manage all the cats. I've tried to stay out of Chappy's room because Isaias has been sleeping in there sometimes. But he told me to spend some time with her because she was lonely, so I did.

I took a peek at Facebook today just to see what people were saying about Roe v. Wade. I was reminded why I left Facebook. It was interesting; a conservative friend was kind of gloating about it and having a rather self-righteously unproductive conversation about it in his feed, and on the flip-side, a liberal friend had made some very snarky remarks about conservatives living in the flyover states and was getting flak for it.

And I just thought to myself how unwilling any of us seem to be to actually see each other anymore and somehow be able to carry on productive, healthy arguments about very complex, emotional subjects.

It just makes me sad how deeply divided we seem to be and how unable we are to somehow bridge that divide. There are simply things that people will not agree on. One group thinks their rights are being infringed upon, and the group on the other side feels equally maligned. And yet, we all have to live in this same country. We want to live happily and feel our rights and beliefs are being valued. But how do we do that if we can't agree on what rights should be protected?

It's very discouraging. The idealist in me would like to believe we can somehow live in harmony and all get along with one another. But when either side makes some leeway in their goals, the opposite side is bound to feel threatened. How do we co-exist in harmony? Is it even possible? I used to think so. Now I'm not so sure.

I sometimes wish it were possible to really get inside someone's mind and experiences to see why they believe what they believe, and I wish they could do the same. Maybe then we could learn to figure out how to live with one another in a spirit of love and compassion instead of judgment and fear.


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