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Ode to A Dead Pigeon

Isaias called me on his way to work today to tell me there was a dead pigeon on the side of our yard and asked me to throw it away because he didn't want the stray cats we feed to eat its carcass.

So I went outside to dispose of it, and as I looked down at it, I suddenly was overcome with a feeling of sadness for a life snuffed out.

I'm not naive; I know pigeons are largely scavenging pests and annoyances. We certainly don't love them hanging around our yard. But I still felt sad for this now lifeless creature.

He (or she) was lying on his back, his little feet straight up. It's odd, but there was a sort of peaceful feeling I got from his face, if one can read that much into a pigeon's expression. His eyes were missing, but other than that, he (or she) looked pretty fresh and intact.

And I thought about this pigeon, who, until fairly recently, was just living his or her normal pigeon life and now was dead. I know maybe it sounds silly, but it just made me sad.

Life is precious. Of course, I'm guilty of killing spiders, which are actually mostly useful and harmless creatures, so I realize I'm a hypocrite. Some animals and creatures are a menace or carry diseases, so I realize that it is probably a good thing for some creatures not to live. Nonetheless, life is precious, even this little pigeon's.

What's that scripture in Luke: "Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God?"

Of course in the context of that scripture, it is talking about how much more value a man or a woman has over a sparrow, but I was perusing this commentary about Luke 12:6: "A single sparrow, a bird of little value and worth, is taken notice and care of by Him; it has its life from Him, and is provided for with food by Him, and is under His protection; nor does He ever forget it, nor can any thing be done to it, without His permission; it cannot be struck, so as to cause it to fall on the ground, or be taken in a snare, or be killed in any shape, without the knowledge of God: His providence reaches to the minutest creatures and things, and much more then to rational creatures, to men; and still more to his dear children, ministers, and apostles."

So I believe God cares about this little pigeon whose life was taken recently, and its passing made me sad.

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