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My Little Guardian

Grizzy is fully aware I don't feel well. She has been at my side practically the entire time I've been home since I contracted COVID.

Franki has been around too. He was with me nearly all of yesterday, although he seems to be gone right now. But Grizzy has not left my side, to the best of my knowledge.

My niece brought her cat, Romeo. While Grizzy, Blondie, and Franki have been wary of him, everybody has been civil to each other, so that's been nice.

The air conditioning blew our bedroom door shut this morning, and somehow Romeo got locked in with Grizzy and Franki. Romeo was crying to be let out, but everybody behaved.

Isaias has been sleeping elsewhere, and I've been basically quarantined since we got home.

I wish my cough were more productive. It's pretty dry, and that has caused a bit of laryngitis, which hasn't been great. But I am feeling better than I was yesterday, so that's good.

Hopefully, this will be short-lived.

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