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My Amazing Isaias

My husband Isaias is truly one of kindest, most thoughtful and generous people I know. He would literally give you the shirt of his back if he thought you needed it. He really would.

He has such a generous heart, I sometimes wonder at it. Isaias has this real gift of being able to sense another's need and then he makes it his mission to help that person out.

He will likely not want me sharing these stories because doing so would probably embarrass him. Good thing he doesn't read my blog very often. He's probably too busy out doing good deeds.

Where Isaias works there is a custodial staff. They are a group of Hispanic women and a guy whose break area is very small and somewhat inadequate, in Isaias' opinion. He often sees the staff members there eating their meager snacks.

Isaias, who is also Hispanic, thinks of his mom, who at one time did the same kind of difficult, thankless, tedious work this group does. Anyway, he just wanted to do something nice for them, so he bought them a whole bunch of snacks and drinks—I mean an enormous amount. He had to lug it all to work in a large suitcase.

But not only did he get them these items, he is so observant that he knew the specific types of food items and drinks these workers liked. And these are things would not normally buy—and maybe can't afford to buy—on a regular basis.

Of course, everybody was surprised and thankful. They kept telling him, "You know exactly what we like."

Isaias never does these sorts of things to be rewarded or recognized. He never expects or wants anything in return. He just wants to do things that make others happy.

With the recent death of our FIV+ cat, Jasper, Isaias has gotten involved with some online cat groups that focus on these sorts of cats. Isaias has bought litter and food to help some of these nonprofit organizations.

Recently Isaias found this really cute Winnie the Pooh flower vase shaped like Pooh's home. It was really cute, and Isaias was so excited to find it. One of Isaias' coworkers who is dealing with some serious health issues was having a birthday, and Isaias wanted to do something special for him. He knew because of the coworkers specific issues, a cake wouldn't be appropriate, so he decided to get him flowers. He said he would look for another Pooh vase because he knew his coworker would really love it. I said, "And if you don't find one, I know you'll just give him yours." Because I know he would.

Well, Isaias managed to track down a duplicate vase, which he gave his friend, who was quite excited about it. When Isaias went to the flower shop to get flowers for it, the girl who was doing the flower arrangement was admiring the vase very much, so—you guessed it—Isaias went back later and gave her his vase. She tried to refuse it, but as he often is, Isaias was insistent that she have it.

In the past (although not since the pandemic started), if we went out on Isaias' birthday, he would always pay for the meal of some stranger who was eating at the same restaurant.

One time, a stranger at the mall admired Isaias' Jack Skellington scarf, so he went over to Hot Topic and bought her the same scarf and gave it to the surprised woman.

He once bought a gift card for a retail clerk who he could tell was struggling financially so that she could buy groceries.

I could tell you hundreds more of stories like this. It's just the kind of guy he is. I just think Isaias has a burning need to help people, which I know is a value instilled in him by his parents, who gave so much to others even during times when they didn't have much themselves.

In fact, if anything, Isaias' ardent desire to help anyone in need is sometimes a burden because he knows it's impossible to help everyone, though I absolutely know he would if it were within his power and means to do so.

I always think if Isaias is ever fortunate enough to be blessed with an enormous amount of money, he would be a terrific philanthropist. Meanwhile, he does what he can when he can.

I share these stories not to make you think Isaias is some sort of saint, but because I admire him so much. And frankly, he has made me a better person. I can still be quite selfish, thoughtless, and unobservant, but knowing and being with Isaias over these past 17 or so years has certainly caused me to be more attuned to the needs of others and has helped me be less selfish, more thoughtful, and more compassionate. I am so grateful for his example and tender heart.

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