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Missing Mom on Her Birthday

It's my mom's birthday today. She would have been 83 now if she had lived that long. It's hard to believe she's been gone for nearly nine years now.

I suppose one never gets over the death of a parent. I miss her so much.

I was thinking about this, though. A person can be gone physically, but their presence and influence always remain with those they leave behind.

My mom wasn't perfect. What human being is? But she was the best mom I could have asked for. In so many ways, she was my best friend. It was especially hard to watch her mentally deteriorate when she got dementia.

I was always a mama's boy. Both Isaias and I were and are.

The pain has lessened—for me, at least—since Mom passed away, but man, I can't wait to see her again, whenever God deems that to be. I deeply miss her.

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