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Missing Jasper and Trooper

Sorry I've been a bit scattered in my blogging. This current audiobook and work at Meow Wolf are taking up much of my time.

Every day my Microsoft OneDrive posts photo memories from that day however many years my photos go back.

These last few weeks have been bittersweet because Jasper and Trooper appear in so many of them, and we miss both of them terribly, although Franki, Grizzy, Blondie, and Chappy lessen that pain considerably.

I also know these memories will bring up more pain as we approach October and December, the months that Jasper and Trooper respectively passed away.

Today's images made me teary-eyed for different reasons. This image of Jasper just reminded me of our sweet boy with his sad, weary eyes, but who was so happy and excited to be in this home with us and the girls and who was loved so much.

And these two of Isaias and Jasper really got to me.

Jasper loved Isaias so much, and Isaias adored him. Jasper's death has been especially hard on Isaias, and he cries over his loss frequently.

The lower photo also reminds me of a similar photo taken of Isaias and Jasper the day we had to let Jasper go.

A very sad day indeed. We miss that little boy so much.

As for our cats who are still with us, they are doing well. Our niece and great-nephews are still here, so everyone stays pretty much confined to our bedroom and Chappy's bedroom, respectively. Grizzy is currently the only one who ventures downstairs, although I have seen both Franki and Blondie in the hallway. Blondie is probably the most unwilling to leave the room, though.

And sometimes Romeo comes up here and eats everybody's food, which annoys Grizzy and Blondie. Franki doesn't seem to care that much. In fact, I think Franki might even like Romeo. He usually just looks at him curiously whenever he drops by.

That little Romeo is such a sweet guy, but he is a bit of a mischief cat.

Grizzy has been very annoyed that I spend so much time with Chappy and at work and in my studio recording. She feels very neglected right now, although I give her so much attention.

Blondie is stressed by this whole change to her routine and is often grumpy.

But she feels happy and safe when we are in the room with her and is constantly trying to get cuddles.

While she is no huge fan of Franki or Grizzy, she has certainly bonded with them over this new situation in the house. I have even seen her and Franki smelling each other without her growling and carrying on, so that's new.

Still, she mostly keeps her distance from everybody but Isaias and me.

And Chappy is probably oblivious to all the drama since she stays in her own room. She's pretty calm and happy in there, and while we wish she would be a more social cat, it's better for her and for everybody else that she keep to herself. She loves her visits and times with Isaias and me. We haven't been able to take her out of the room as much since our visitors came, but she seems content with her situation. We do hope to get her out a little more for exercise when our visitors go back home, though.

So that's how we're all doing right now.

Isaias is busy with work and preparing for his art shows, and I am working and recording this audiobook, so it's a pretty busy time right now.

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