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Mask Mandate Lifted: Yikes!

Disclaimer: Any opinions I write about here are my own and do not necessarily represent those of Meow Wolf, the company for which I work.

This is just an addendum to yesterday's post about the mask mandate being lifted in Nevada.

I wrote how I was kind of relieved and how I was tired of having to enforce the mask rule at work with our guests. While work was much less stressful last night in that regard, I have to be honest and say it was weird seeing sooooo many people choose to abandon their masks altogether. It was like 95% of our guests said, "At last, no masks! Not only will we not be wearing the masks, we are not even going to pretend we might wear them. We probably don't even have any masks on us. We are free! Commence with the free-range sneezing and coughing."

I hope this pandemic is nearing its end. But seeing all those mask-less faces last night didn't make me at all comfortable. So while I loved not having to tell people to keep their masks on, it didn't feel normal like it would have pre-pandemic. But as I have said in a previous post, I am also still dealing with COVID trauma, so it might be some time before I adapt to all the mask-less faces. Even if my company still didn't require employees to wear masks, I would still choose to wear mine. I probably will for a while. And hey, I haven't gotten sick with anything these past two years, so I don't think mask wearing and excessive hand-washing and hand-sanitizing is such a bad idea.

I suppose it's nice to see people's smiles again, although truth be told, I have enjoyed looking into people's eyes in a way I don't feel like I did pre-pandemic.

I'm sure I will adapt eventually, just like with everything else. But it sure feels strange right now.

I so hope we are finally on the tail end of the worst of this pandemic.

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