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Making Progress

Updated: Apr 12

Franki and the girls are continuing to adjust to one another. I am pleased with where we seem to be with them.

While Grizzabella is not yet a fan of sharing her home and dads with this new addition, she at least seems to be coming to a point where she is tolerating Franki, if not loving him.

They are able to be in close proximity to one another without her growling about it, although if Franki gets too much in her space, Grizzabella will let him know she is not cool with that.

They have even slept on the bed near one another, which was a pleasing big step.

Blondie still isn't too hot on Franki. She growls at him all the time. But Blondie growls at Chappy and Grizzy too, so welcome to the club, Franki Boo. She also won't sleep upstairs with us, which is unfortunate, because after Trooper passed, she had started sleeping with us again.

I did let Franki and Chappy meet. As was expected, Franki was curious about Chappy and Chappy was not at all happy to see Franki.

Franki is a bit of a spaz. He will run like crazy. He'll try to open cabinet doors. I've mentioned he'll slam his body into Chappy's bedroom door in an attempt to get in there. He is "travieso," as Isaias says.

He's a very loving cat, though. So curious. He just wants to get to know the girls and play. He typically sleeps under our bed in the daytime and then is charged up during the evening. He is getting used to our schedule, though, and is better about not waking us up at the crack of dawn—well me, at least. Isaias probably has a different opinion.

He's gotten a little finicky about his food. He apparently doesn't want paté, just shreds. Grizzy is the opposite. And Blondie only will eat dry food. Chappy eats paté and dry food. Good grief, these cats are ridiculous.

But we love this fat little boy. He has a ton of energy and a whole lotta love.

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