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Kid Brother, Big Sister

Updated: Apr 12

Well, I think it has finally started to happen. I think Grizzabella is starting to get along with Franki.

I see them hanging out near each other more often, and recently I even caught them playing with each other. And it was real playing, not fighting.

Grizzy still very much has a big-sister-who's-just-tolerating-her-annoying-little-brother attitude, but I think she secretly likes having someone to play with.

For his part, Franki likes Grizzy. The other night, he was sleeping near her, and Isaias said he stretched out his paw to touch her. Grizzy didn't like that, but it's clear he dotes on her and wants to be her friend.

They are certainly more comfortable around each other. The good thing is that no matter how much Grizzy or Blondie growl at Franki, he doesn't seem to let it bother him. He just wants companionship.

But it did warm my heart to actually see Grizzy and Franki playing together. I hope their friendship grows deeper.

Grizzy always wanted a friend when she first came into the house, and nobody really offered her that. Trooper was the closest Grizzy had to a friend, but she was more like a stern mother figure. I think Jasper and Grizzy might have become friends if Jasper had lived longer.

And all Franki wants is a friend, and I think Grizzy is starting to become that. I hope so anyway. It's cool to see their relationship grow in a way I doubt it will with Blondie and certainly not Chappy.

These guys are cute together, just like siblings should be.

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