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Keeping The Christmas Tree Up

Updated: Jan 11

I asked Isaias if it was okay with him if we didn't take the Christmas tree down this year. I needn't have done so, as we have often just kept our Christmas tree up all year round.

Why, you ask? Because we like it. This particular tree can be connected to various devices via Bluetooth and so we can play music, and the tree's lights will blink in sync to the musical selections. This particular day I happen to be listening to classical music. I find it very relaxing.

We bought this tree in 2019 but have not used it until this year. We had bought one for Isaias' mom that same year because it was on sale and seemed really cool. We put it up for her, and we liked it so much, we went out and bought one for ourselves. Sadly, Nena only got the opportunity to use that tree just that year because she passed from COVID the following June.

In 2020, neither of us felt particularly Christmas-y and Isaias and I ended up going to Australia for his job anyway, so we never put the tree up.

This year, I really wanted to try to capture the Christmas spirit full hilt, so we decorated (well, mostly Isaias did the decorating), and we put the tree up. My biggest fear was that we would open it after two years to discover it didn't work. But it seems to be working great.

There's a meme I have often come across on social media, which may be based on this essay:

Or perhaps the essay is based on the meme. Either way, the sentiment is the same: As the essayist writes, "In this hard, cruel, dumpster-fire of a world, we should just let people find enjoyment where they can. ...If an over-the-top milkshake or an elaborate toast or a game of Dungeons and Dragons sparks just a little bit of joy for you in an often joyless world, more power to you."

Now I'm not sure I would use the same words she uses to describe the world, although the world certainly does have its share or hardness, cruelty, and dumpster-fiery-ness. But the point is this: I often wonder why human beings are so quick to jump on and disparage other people's joy. Whether it's a supposedly nerdy game; a favorite TV show; a celebrity they admire; a clothing look they have chosen; the fact that they are starting to listen to Christmas songs in October; that they are some sort of Halloween-decorating fanatic; that they enjoy Cosplay; some book, movie, or band they like; some reality TV program that brings them comfort; a food item they enjoy; or keeping their Christmas tree up all year long, why can't we just let people live their joy without pelleting them with snark, sarcasm, and cynicism?

The behavior of joy-killers says much more about them. As for me, I'm gonna sit here and enjoy my Christmas tree.

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