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Jealous Grizzabella

Updated: Apr 12

Franki is getting more comfortable roaming the house. Grizzabella is not at all pleased. She's very grumpy about the situation and stares at Franki with "death eyes." She's more grumpy than Blondie, which is amazing to me.

We put Franki on our bed last night. Grizzabella was over on Isaias' side (she's usually on mine). She was clearly annoyed. Meanwhile, Franki let me pet him.

Isaias wanted to see if he could move Grizzy closer to Franki, which I thought was a big mistake. Just let her be, I thought.

She growled. And Grizzabella's growl is not particularly threatening. You want to hear a threatening growl, get Chappy upset.

So anyway, Grizzy is pouting and growling, and Franki decided to leave. I picked Grizzabella up to let her know I still loved her. I generally hold her in my arm so she is facing me (like a baby). She let me pet her, but normally she purrs. Not this time. Her Resting B**ch Face seemed quite legitimate this time. But she did let me comfort her.

This morning Franki was in the hall outside of our room, and Grizzabella was just staring at him. I could see the wheels spinning in her head. "How can we get rid of you?" she was musing, crafting some sort of sinister plan. Franki just stared at her with his wide, innocent eyes. He has no idea who he is dealing with.

"Look," I told Grizzabella, "remember when you were in Franki's position, a stray with matted fur out in the cold and constantly hungry? And then we brought you into a nice warm house with lots of love and plenty of food? And you just wanted a friend, and all the other cats were mean to you? You didn't like that, did you.

"Well, now Franki is where you were, and you're one of the mean cats. Can't you just be nice to this cat? He's not going anywhere. You better get used to him."

She did not seem impressed with my argument. She may have rolled her eyes at me.

I do think we are making progress, though. With Franki, at least. I have hopes that Grizzy will come around.

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