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Jasper's Gift

Last night, Jasper visited me in a dream. He nuzzled himself under my chin and rested on my chest like he used to do when he was alive.

And here's the thing: While I was dreaming this, it was almost as though I was lucidly dreaming because a voice—perhaps my own, perhaps someone else's—said, "You aren't dreaming this. He is really here."

And I believe he was. And I am so grateful he visited me because I have missed him so very much.

Isaias and I don't believe Jasper or Trooper are far from us. We believe they are still hanging around. We have both experienced their presence on separate occasions. Isaias saw out of the corner of his eye a cat who he thought was Blondie and was so sure she was underfoot that he was careful not to step on her. He soon discovered that Blondie, Grizzabella, and Chappy were all elsewhere. We think it was Trooper or possibly Jasper.

In our bedroom recently, I heard the crinkling of a plastic bag, and Grizzabella and I both curiously investigated. Absolutely no sign of another living creature. That was one of Trooper's favorite activities when she was living—and drove me nuts. I'd like to think it was her.

Shortly after Jasper died, I briefly slept in his room—the only time I have done so since—and I felt him visit me in a dream then, too.

I'm grateful these cats are still with us.

Since Jasper passed, neither Isaias nor I have spent much time in Jasper's room, which is Isaias' craft room. It just has made us too sad. We always expect him to be there, and when he's not, it still feels shocking and depressing.

Now that Franki is spending the nights in Jasper's old room, it feels like the room has new life again. Maybe Trooper and Jasper (or even Milagro) have sent Franki to us.

We're still not sure what to do with Franki. She (he?) is so friendly. She let me rub her tummy and purrs like crazy when I pet her. She will not leave the backyard and hangs out at our porch door. Even when we think she has left, when we open the door, she comes running.

But she is so well groomed and well fed, it's hard to believe she doesn't already belong to somebody. She definitely seems house trained. If she is a stray, I think it's a recent loss. Yet she won't go anywhere and no one seems to be actively looking for her. What do we do? We certainly don't want to steal somebody else's cat. We know how it feels to not know where our cherished fur babies are.

I believe we will be guided. For now, we're just trying to make sure she doesn't have to sleep in the cold.

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