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Jasper Reincarnated?

Updated: Apr 12

I was thinking a bit about the post I made yesterday about the loss of Trooper and how it has deeply affected our family. I really don''t know how well Isaias and I would be faring if we didn't have these other cats to love and to comfort us. They manage to take my mind off my grief, at least.

We also miss Jasper so much, too. He was such an incredibly special cat, and his passing has left such a deep hole in our hearts.

It's funny, though; Isaias made a post about Franki the other day, and one of Isaias' friends made the comment, "Maybe he is a reincarnation of someone? Just saying. He snuck in really like he belonged with you!!!"

I don't have strong feelings about reincarnation. According to the LDS Church (the religion I grew up with)'s website, reincarnation is not considered true doctrine within the church's teachings. But I don't know—I've read a lot of interesting accounts that lead me to believe it could be a possibility.

In any case, I don't believe that Franki is Jasper reincarnated since they would have been alive at the same time. But the idea of it made me smile so much: to think that this amazing, loving spirit whose frail, old, bony, sickly body was too weak to contain it has been reincarnated into this young, fat, energetic, healthy ball of fluff is just a pleasant thought. And that he would end up in the same room as before with the same dads just feels joyful to me.

Like I say, I don't actually believe Franki is Jasper reincarnated (although I would not disbelieve that he and Trooper may have had a hand in sending him to us). But isn't is a fabulous idea to think that a broken, sad, unhealthy soul could be reborn into a healthy, happy, whole individual. And while it may not necessarily be through reincarnation, I do believe that God's power and Christ's atonement do make the transformation possible.

And if that isn't your personal belief system, then I would say to you that I believe there is a higher power, something bigger than us—the Universe itself—that is capable of transforming the very worst and empty parts of us into something great, beautiful, and whole if we let it.

And that's what our little Franki Boo and our dearly departed Jasper remind me of.

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