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In A Flash

A couple of days ago, Isaias was almost in a car accident. It would have been a really bad one—possibly even fatal—if he hadn't slammed on his brakes.

Isaias was waiting at a red light at an intersection near our home. When the light turned green, he started forward going southbound through the intersection. A car traveling northbound also started through the intersection.

And that's when it happened: a large truck traveling westbound had raced through the intersection against their own red light, squeezing themselves between Isaias and the northbound car, both of whom had slammed on their brakes.

If Isaias hadn't slammed on his brakes or if he had made it farther through the intersection, the truck would have slammed into him right on the driver's side, where of course the impact would have more greatly affected Isaias, perhaps even killing him.

Isaias is also glad the northbound car stopped when they did because the truck would have hit them as well on the passenger side and could have also sent that car careening into Isaias.

The experience left Isaias shaken. Just a few seconds or feet more and the results would have been unalterable and tragically different.

When Isaias called me to tell me what had happened, I thought about how fragile life really is and how much our lives could potentially change in just a flash.

I was imagining how drastically my life would change without Isaias in it. How the careless act of a driver could have tragically altered the course of our lives in just a second.

I imagined the loss of the person I love most in this world, how empty the house and life would be without his presence and spirit. How sad our cats would be by this sudden loss. How funeral plans would need to be made, financial and legal matters would need to be taken care of, how sad his family would be.

I imagined that even if he had survived, how that might have changed our lives. Medical costs, recovery time, perhaps permanent health issues.

I was glad he escaped unscathed. I am so grateful he wasn't injured or killed and that he is still with me.

But I am reminded that each day is precious. That our time on this planet is not guaranteed. That we could go any minute. To be grateful for the time we have with those we love.

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