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I Have COVID, But I'm Grateful

Don't let the title confuse you. I'm not grateful that I have COVID, but I am grateful it is not as bad as it was for my mother-in-law or brothers-in-law or the many people who this disease hit so hard.

And I'm grateful I somehow avoided it for two years and three months. Even when Isaias had it and I didn't get it, I thought, "Oh, maybe I'm immune."

It turns out I am not.

So Isaias and I went to California on Monday to pick up our niece and great-nephews, who are staying with us.

Tuesday, I woke up with an irritated throat. I thought it was just allergies. We had opened the window because we were hot, so I thought maybe I was allergic to something that the wind had blown in.

My niece drove our van home, and as we drove, the irritation got worse, and I had a dry cough. We arrived home around 8 pm. As we were unpacking, all the sudden, I started to feel terrible. I was feeling body aches and was extremely classy. I felt awful.

I wondered if I had COVID, so I took a rapid test. There were two lines. One was very faint, but two lines indicated I was positive.

This morning when I woke up, I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I had a slight fever and a headache in addition to my cough and aches. I took a second test.

No doubt this time. I had COVID.

So I had to call out of work, and per our company's policy, I will not be able to work at all this week. Hopefully, I'll be back on Wednesday.

So in addition to losing a week's wages, this is also the week my family is coming to visit me from Utah, so I don't know whether I will get to see them or not, so I'm bummed about that. My brother and his family were supposed to visit in May, but they got COVID and had to cancel, so apparently COVID doesn't want us to see each other.

Also inconvenient, I had been planning on recording and editing some more chapters of the audiobook I'm doing, but the COVID has caused some changes in my voice, so I am unable to do it until I get better, so that is annoying as well.

Still, when "negative" things happen, I try to look for the positive.


I am grateful I get some time off from work. If I wanted to use PTO to cover the lost wages, I could, so I am grateful for that, too. (I'm saving it for a trip we are taking in September, however.)

I am grateful I seem to be relatively okay. At this particular moment, for example, I don't feel as terrible as I felt this morning. I don't have a fever. I haven't lost my voice.

I am grateful the cats have been keeping an eye on me. Franki and Grizzy know I am not well and have spent nearly the whole day with me. I'm grateful for the time I have been able to spend with them.

I am grateful for a husband and niece who have been taking care of me while I've been sick.

I'm optimistic my voice will feel well enough to record soon, so I am grateful I will have time to do so.

I am grateful to be boostered and that COVID has not been as bad for me as it has been for others.

I am grateful my brother's daughter and son-in-law will get to experience Omega Mart on Saturday even though I won't be there to see them.

I am grateful I have gotten to sleep and catch up on various TV programs and write in my blog today.

I'm grateful for friends who have had COVID giving me advice on how to best deal with it.

I'm grateful I've gone so long without having any type of sickness, let alone COVID.

Anyway, pray for my speedy recovery. COVID is no fun. At least I seem to retain my sense of taste and smell and am not experiencing major fatigue. Mostly, the body aches, headache, and occasional coughs are the big issues.

Here's to feeling better soon.

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