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Hyper Loveable Franki

Updated: Apr 12

Franki is adjusting well to life here in his new home. Occasionally he looks longingly out the patio door, but overall he seems to be a happy indoor cat now.

He has finally realized that he doesn't have to scarf down his food, that no one is going to steal it from him.

He is such a kitten. We can tell he is young boy. He's very curious and has a lot of energy. Unfortunately, his outdoor sleep schedule must have involved sleeping during the day and prowling at night because that seems to be his routine. Being a deep sleeper, I am not too affected by this, but Franki keeps Isaias up playing, running around, and making noise.

We try to wear him out during the day by playing with him, but our efforts have no worked thus far. Especially challenging is that Franki sleeps under our bed, and it is difficult to get him out from under there. And the fact that we both work at night gives Franki plenty of down time just to get revved up when we return home around midnight.

Franki loves playing, and it is clear he would like Blondie or Grizzabella to play, but both are still annoyed by his presence. I do think they are getting used to him though. I have caught Grizzy and Franki and even Blondie and Franki near each other without any growling or hissing.

But they are still not fond of him. He is very curious about them, though, and doesn't usually seem scared of them. He is a skittish cat, though. He gets startled easily. Loud noises scare him. He runs fast, and sometimes his large body weight makes him skid, which is often amusing to watch.

He's a bit of a spazz, but he is an enormously sweet boy. I still feel in my heart that Grizzy will come around. We try to get them to play together using a laser pointer, which they both enjoy, although as soon as Grizzy sees him getting involved, she gets grumpy, and when he sees her get grumpy, he gets timid.

He has developed a skin patch near his neck which concerns us. There is no redness. He just seems to be bald there. We're not sure if he's pulled his hair out or if it has fallen out naturally. It may be stress related. But we will get it checked out.

Franki has discovered that Chappy is in her room and is very curious about her and keeps hurling his fat body against her door. Is he trying to break her out? Break down the door so he can meet her? We're not sure. But that is a Pandora's box we don't feel Franki should open.

It is highly unlikely Chappy will be happy to meet Franki. She may even try to attack him, and innocent Franki will not like that. We do not feel it is a good idea for the two of them to interact, but he wants to get into her room. On her side of the door, Chappy is curious but wary. She can hear him but is agitated. His slamming into the door makes her nervous, obviously.

We love our new addition, but he is a handful sometimes.

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