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How We're All Doing

I wrote recently that Isaias tested positive for COVID. I'm happy to say that his symptoms have been relatively mild. He's congested, has had a cough, and has been quite tired. He also developed a cold sore around his lip. I'm not certain if that is COVID-related or a coincidence. Anyway, he hasn't been feeling super awesome but not too terrible either.

When I think how hard this disease hit his other family members, including his mom, who passed from it, we really feel incredibly blessed, and this also seems to be evidence that the vaccines actually do work.

As for me, I did not isolate from Isaias mostly because we are so intertwined, I figured no matter what I did, I would catch it eventually. But I have not had any symptoms nor have I tested positive. I got my most recent test results back today, and I am still negative.

They do say that people with type-O blood are less likely to contract COVID, and I guess that's true because I have not caught it. I feel fine.

I have missed two days of work and will miss one more tomorrow before I am approved to go back on Thursday. It's been good to stay home with Isaias, though. He has needed me to get him food and run a couple of errands for him. I have always been good about sanitizing, masking, and social distancing just in case, but according to the tests, there is no trace of COVID in my system.

This time away from work has given me some time to focus on the audiobook production course I am taking. This is our last week. I've learned a lot, and I kind of have my studio space half set up. I've learned a lot more about how to record, edit, and master. I still think I have some work to do on my actual space to make it more quiet, but I am starting to feel more confident about my ability to actually do this if I so desire. It's kind of exciting.

Isaias has been working on his art when he has felt up to it. He will be doing the All Hallow's Art Fest in Petaluma in September, so he's getting ready for that. We always enjoy doing that show and look forward to doing it again after missing it the last two years because of the pandemic.

The cats are doing well. Grizzy and Franki continue to be friends. They play together. Sometimes Franki, not knowing his own strength will launch his big fat body on top of Grizzy, which she does not enjoy. But they are playing, and I will often see both of them looking for each other when the other is somewhere else. They are very comfortable around each other now. Grizzy will come into Franki's room when he is eating and just hang out. I see them sleep by each other now and then. I love that they have become friends.

"Wake up, Grizzabella. I want to play." Taken seconds before he leaped over her. She was not thrilled to be woken up.

Franki is adapting really well. He's become more trusting of us and doesn't immediately skedaddle or hide like he used to when we would approach him. He still sleeps under the bed in the daytime, but will often sleep on the bed at night.

He's gotten quite comfortable. He's a very active cat.

The other day he was sitting in Blondie's chair, which she did not appreciate.

Blondie is a grumpy butt around Franki, Grizzy, and Chappy. But she loves when I sit in her chair. She comes running because she knows that means it's "pettin' time." She is showing her age. Her balance isn't as good as it used to be, and she has a harder time jumping up on high places.

She will get on the dining room table when we eat, which she never used to do until after Trooper died. Trooper used to do that all the time, so maybe she asked her daughter to carry on her legacy.

Grizzabella is ever my little shadow. She follows me wherever I go.

This is her right now as I type this:

This was her outside my recording booth when I was in class last night:

"Dad, stop learning how to be an audiobook producer and pay attention to me!"

This was her the other night when Franki took her spot next to me on the bed:

"Dad, tell Franki to move his fat butt off the bed so I can sit on you."

And this is her when I was downstairs:

She's almost like a dog, greeting me at the front door when I come home from work (often with Franki). It's very cute.

Chappy still stays largely confined to her room except for supervised excursions to give her exercise. She comes out briefly, smells Franki, gets scared, and retreats back in. On the rare occasions when she actually sees him, she starts to get aggressive. So we just visit her in her room.

She seems to like to watch TV. The other day she was playing wildly with a catnip toy, so she keeps herself entertained. She likes it when we sleep in there with her, which we take turns doing.

Anyway, we're all doing well.

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