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Happy with Chappy

Updated: Apr 12

Chappy can be a difficult cat at times. She is either super scared or somewhat aggressive. Sometimes she acts out by going to the bathroom in places she shouldn't. (And we know it's on purpose because she doesn't do it in her own room.)

She's needy for affection but also seems overstimulated when we try to give it to her. She loves to be near us but often runs away when we try to give her love. She is the most skittish cat. If we move in the slightest, she panics.

She doesn't like to be held but purrs like crazy when we are close to her in one of her more settled moods. She sleeps on her back but hates having her stomach touched. She does not know the difference between playing and defending, so her bites and clawing are always harder and more aggressive than we prefer.

I sense she is a lonely cat, but much of that is due to her own behavior. I wish it were possible to communicate with her as with a human because then maybe we could get her to understand.

I always feel like Chappy is our child with mental illness. Her personality and behavior are challenging to deal with at times. Regardless, we love her so very much.

I'm grateful for the more quiet, tender moments like these when I am able to spend some quality one-on-one time with her.

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