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Happy Cats

I think it's so great that Franki has gone from being so scared and hiding all the time to becoming more trusting and making a friend who he loves.

He used to hide under the bed or behind the sofa. Now he's gotten more comfortable. He's still very skittish, but he trusts us now.

I find him like this quite often these days.

He's so happy.

I do think Grizzabella, as much as she likes him, does get jealous. She's used to me giving her so much attention, and when she sees me giving it to him or sees him in her spot on the bed, I do think she gets annoyed. But she does love him. They are clearly friends now.

I had a really good night with Chappy. I think those calming chews are working. She is not a lap cat or snuggler by nature, but she got very cozy with me a couple of times.

No photos of Blondie today, but she's happy too. She even came up to the room and spent the night with us, which she doesn't always do. She is annoyed, though, that Franki keeps eating all her food.

I weighed Franki yesterday. He's 14 pounds! Ridiculous. But he's happy.

Grizzy loves this box. It was Blondie's before Grizzy took it over.

Grizzy does that often, though. I think Grizzy would like to be Blondie's friend if Blondie were amenable to that. But she's not.

I wish these chews would calm Chappy down enough that she could hang out with Franki and Grizzy. She still gets agitated though, so it's still best to keep her on her own.

Anyway, that's news about our happy clan today.

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