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Grumpy Cats and Annoying Leaks

So yesterday we had the mobile groomers come out to give Franki and Grizzy shaves, baths, and nail trims and Blondie and Chappy nail trims.

In the past, we have taken the cats to the groomer to have them done, but they end up being there all day and end up feeling stressed, and the last couple of times, the groomer didn't do the job the way we requested.

So we decided to try a different groomer who could come to the house. I found one with good recommendations, and they came and parked their air conditioned grooming van in front of the house for us to bring each cat out to.

The original plan was to do Blondie first, Franki second, Grizzabella third, and Chappy last. My reasoning for this was that Blondie is old and gets stressed out easily when getting groomed. I needed to get everyone in their various kennels at the same time because once one cat figures out what's going, they end up hiding, and it's much more difficult to wrangle them. Anyway, I didn't want to have Blondie in the kennel too long.

But things didn't end up working the way I had hoped. Isaias had had to run an errand, so he wasn't here to help me with the cats. I decided Franki would be the hardest to catch, so I got him first, only as I was putting him in his cat bag, he managed to escape and hide under the bed. Fortunately, we have a Sleep Number bed that electronically raises and lowers, and the noise bothered him more than the prospect of being captured, I guess.

Anyway, I got him and then went downstairs and put Blondie in her kennel, which was much easier. The groomer pulled up as I grabbed Grizzabella, so I just ended up taking her out there first. So much for plans.

So now Blondie and Franki are in their enclosures while we wait for Grizzy to get done. Neither are happy, but we—Isaias came home while Grizzy was being groomed—tried our best to calm them. Franki cried for a bit and shifted around in his bag, and Blondie kept scratching around, so that was making me anxious.

But the Groomers were relatively quick. Grizzy was wrapped up in a damp towel when they handed her to me, and she looked severely annoyed. I handed them Franki, who of course was confused and nervous by what was occurring.

As soon as I released Grizzabella, she ran away. She was a bit annoyed and anxious the rest of the day. She apparently has since forgiven me, but here is her looking at me like, "Dad, I can never trust you again."

So while Franki is getting done, Blondie is getting more agitated. Oh, this is not how things were supposed to go, I silently grumble to myself.

Franki apparently was the most nervous of the lot, but I understand all the cats were good. He was just the most freaked out by it, which I thought would be Chappy.

So they give me Franki back in his bag, and I give them Blondie. When I get in the house, I release Franki, who runs away so fast I barely get a look at his new haircut.

He runs away from me every time he sees me the entire day, except for late at night when he has apparently forgiven me too but is very wary of me now.

I finally got a photo of him.

Blondie is quick because she only had her claws trimmed. She's annoyed when she returns though and is grumpy but still friendly. She's been through this enough to know that we mean her no harm.

She looks like she's crying in the above photo, but that's just the results of a virus she's had for years.

Chappy was the biggest surprise. I thought she would be the most difficult. In fact, getting her in a kennel is usually a two-person job. She can be a bit of a demon.

But Isaias and I got her in her bag relatively easily and without much resistance, and the groomers said she was good, so that was nice.

I'm glad we got her nails cut. She was getting them caught on things. Of all the cats, she has been the most blasé about the experience, which also surprised me. But she doesn't seem upset by her ordeal.

Yesterday was a hard day for Isaias. He had had a professional disappointment regarding one of his upcoming art shows. I won't go into detail about what it was other than to say something he was hopefully expecting fell through, and so he was just feeling very sad and disappointed.

I am happy to say that things have been resolved and are now going the way he had originally planned and expected, but for a time yesterday, it looked like they might not be, and so he was just feeling very weary and depressed about it.

I was trying to help him with stuff to ease his burden a bit. One thing was to clean up the house a bit. Part of this involved doing the dishes. As I drained a rather large portion of water down the garbage disposal, it started coming out the cupboard below the sink.

It would appear we have had a leak in our disposal for some time but didn't know it. Most of the wood on the bottom of the cupboard is rotted from water damage. I guess it has been pooling there every time we drained some water, but because I drained so much water at once this time, we discovered the leak.

Fortunately, I was able to get some towels over the impacted area before the water spread elsewhere. But it was a bit of a mess and, of course, seemed especially inconvenient during such a busy, chaotic time.

The repair and replacement of our garbage disposal was also an unforeseen expense. Good thing I just got that audiobook money.

As Isaias prepares for these three shows and his business trips to Miami, it's just a busy, stressful time right now. Plus, we have a meeting with his mom's estate attorney on Thursday, and we're seeing Hadestown at the Smith Center tonight. We both want to see the show, but especially since it's our day off and we could be concentrating on the work that needs to be done, it feels a bit inconvenient at the moment. Isaias is also bummed he is going to miss the show Six while he is in Miami.

We have a lot to do. Glad the cats are at least shaved now.

Here are Grizzy and Franki pre-shave the day before yesterday.

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