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Great Things Are Happening...

Isaias and I were in TJ Maxx today. I was looking for socks, and I happened to overhear a female customer talking with one of the cashiers. The customer was raving about this trip she and her family had just taken to Salt Lake City, which is what initially caught my attention.

From what I heard, it sounded like the customer and her family had flown to Salt Lake City and then taken a camping trip of some sort. The customer was gushing about how beautiful it had been, how her husband had surprised her and the kids with the flight, and how it was just what she had needed.

Her enthusiasm and positivity was just kind of contagious. The cashier was equally positive, and the two women were just having a really uplifting conversation. While eavesdropping, I learned that the customer had just gotten a new job at a nonprofit, which she was very excited about. I also heard her compliment the cashier's clothing, saying she always admired her style when she came in (it sounded like the customer was a regular, and the two had a familiar rapport with one another).

I couldn't hear everything they said because I am a little hard of hearing these days, and I was moving around so not to appear that I was eavesdropping on them. But one thing I heard loud and clear was when the cashier said, "Great things are happening, and they're going to keep on happening."

"Yes!" the customer exclaimed. "They are. You're right. You're so right!"

I've been thinking about that exchange a lot today. What was fascinating to me was how infectious the attitudes of these two women were. They were both so excited. The cashier talked about a concert she was going to, for example. And of course, the customer was excited about her new job and the trip she had just taken. They were so enthusiastic and positive and just happy to be in each other's company. They had such an optimistic view of life, both what was currently happening and what was ahead.

They made me want to be near them. They made me hopeful. They made me happy. They made me grateful.

And as someone who has talked about and believes in the Law of Attraction, I fully believed great things were happening and would continue to happen for these two women. Because they believed it. They made me believe it.

When kids are slaughtered by gunmen; when one country invades another unprovoked and causes destruction and murder on so many innocents; when homelessness, crime, inflation, and supply chain issues are on the rise; when political divisiveness is at an all-time high; when so many incidents of unkindness are to be found all over social media and in the news, it's easy to believe that the world is as terrible as our perception causes us to believe it is.

Bad news sells better than good news, so it is often that kind of news that too often colors our world and makes us think the world is full of terrible people. I get sucked into that kind of thinking sometimes, too, because, believe me, there are plenty of terrible people in the world.

Just today I read this article in The Washington Post about a bus driver in Denver who's trying to hang on to her compassion when so many customers on her route are just so vile to each other. I visit places of business where it feels like the life and souls have been sucked out of people, that they are just existing.

It was refreshing to see these two women so full of kindness and joy. It was inspiring to me.

Have you ever heard the word pronoia? It is the opposite of paranoia, the belief that everyone and everything is conspiring against you. Pronoia is the belief that everything in the universe is conspiring to support you and is working on your behalf.

I love that idea. What if it is actually true?

I've said this before, but what if the reality we believe is simply created by our perceptions of what reality is? I believe the more positivity and gratitude we put into the world, the more we get back; that what we focus on most is what we attract. I'm not saying bad things don't happen, but I believe the more we focus on the good, the more we attract the good, and therefore, the more our perception of the world is one of goodness rather than evil.

That certainly doesn't mean we ignore the bad or injustices or pretend they don't exist. But I think attitude is key in helping us cope when the bad and evil things happen.

Anyway, thanks to those two women for brightening my day and giving me hope. You will likely never know you did, just as each of us never fully knows the effect we have on other people, but you did. Thanks for being who you are and for projecting your positivity onto me.

Great things are happening, indeed.

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