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Updated: May 12

Grizzabella and Franki have become such friends. This morning I woke up to find them snuggling butt to butt right next me. Franki was burrowed in my armpit and Grizzy was by my ribs. It was so cute. I wish I could have gotten a photo.

I see them both sleeping near each other a lot these days.

They're always hanging out now.

I swear I saw them kissing the other night. They were nose to nose sniffing each other.

Grizzy rarely growls at him anymore, unless he's being a pill.

This morning, Franki ate part of his food. Then Grizzy ate the rest (she normally doesn't like his shreds) while he watched, and then when she finished, she walked out, and he happily followed her.

They really are like a little brother and older sister. It warms my heart.

All Grizzabella wanted when she came into this family two years ago was a friend, and that's all Franki has wanted. So I am glad they have each other.

I was telling Isaias that it is most likely that Blondie and Chappy will die before Franki and Grizzy will, and I'm glad they will have each other.

Speaking of Blondie, she grumpily tolerates both of them. She's not friends with either of them and growls if either gets too close to her, but she generally lets them go about their business.

She's definitely showing her age. Her balance is not as good as it once was, and it is difficult for her to jump up on high places. But she acts like an excited kitten when I sit in her chair and just purrs and purrs while sitting next to or on me.

Chappy, on the other hand, has gotten more and more aggressive. She can't even be out with Franki and Grizzabella anymore. If she sees either of them, she goes into attack mode.

We are concerned about her. We are considering consulting a cat behaviorist or seeing if maybe anxiety medication would work for her.

When she's out while the other cats are locked up, she seems so scared because she can smell Franki especially and thinks she's in danger. But she relaxes sometimes while on her supervised field trips.

Even in her own room, where she feels safe, she has taken to sleeping under her bed rather than on it. She does love it when we are in there with her, though.

We've got to get her some help, though. Chappy has always been a nervous, jittery cat, but she does seem to be getting worse with age.

Franki has adjusted so well to his life here. He is an excited spaz but so loveable. He is full of innocence and energy.

And so adorable when he is sleeping.

Grizzy is attached to my hip like you can't believe. She cries and cries and cries when I go to work. She has taken to sitting on my shoes to prevent me from leaving the house.

It's very funny.

I'm so glad these two are buddies.

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