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Franki's 4AM Adventure

Updated: Apr 12

So last night I slept with Franki in his room. Isaias had slept with him the night before. Grizzabella was not pleased with my being away at all. She is very possessive of me, and Isaias said she cried and cried.

As for Franki, he cuddled right next to me and was purring so loudly. He let me rub his tummy, which he seems to enjoy.

Finally, we eventually settled down to go to sleep.

Then at about 4am, I woke to what sounded like somebody trying to get into the room. Franki was at the door, agitated. At first, I thought it was Grizzy trying to get in. Then I heard a noise that sounded like footsteps. I texted Isaias to see if he or one of the other cats had tried to get in.

No, what had happened, Isaias soon explained, was that while I was asleep—I am a deep sleeper–Mr. Franki had managed to get the door open even though there was a scratching post in front of it (I later learned that one really has to jam the base of the post under the door so that Franki and his, rotund body can't force it open). He headed downstairs and apparently alarmed the girls (Grizzabella and Blondie, who were sleeping with Isaias) when he passed by our bedroom.

Woken up by the girls, Isaias, who is not at all a deep sleeper, investigated. He went downstairs but did not see Franki but thought he felt a cat brush by him (Franki? Jasper? Trooper?). When he went back up stairs, Isaias saw Franki, panicked, go back into the room. That's when Isaias shut the door and woke me up.

I tried to get Franki to settle down, but he wanted to get out, so I carried him out, shut our bedroom door, and let him wander. He really wanted to go outside. If we end up adopting Franki, he will have to learn to adapt to being an indoor cat. Besides, it was now almost 4:30 in the morning and was cold outside. So I just let him blow off some steam, tried to comfort him, and let him explore. Once he started sniffing the girls' areas, that distracted him for a while. Eventually, he let me take him back up to the room.

I also think he may have had some bowel issues because he went to the litter box several times before he actually pooped. His bowel movements smell so foul. After that, he seemed to settle down and lay next to me for a while.

Eventually I got up and went to Chaplin's room to sleep with her. The beanbag in Franki's room is not the most comfortable. Chappy's room is very close to Franki's, so I listened for a while to see if Franki was trying to get out. He didn't.

How was your morning? I'm feeling tired. Sometimes it's hard to be a cat dad. As soon as I get Franki's FIV results, I'm going to start letting him out while the girls are out to see if we can get everybody integrated. Wish us luck.

UPDATE: Franki is FIV negative.

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