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Finishing Up

I'm just about through recording this audiobook I'm doing. It has been a lot of fun. Challenging sometimes, too. But I'm so glad to be doing something I've felt passionate about. This book is really good, and I pinch myself to know that I was lucky enough to be able to produce it. I genuinely hope it gets the audience it deserves.

It has kind of consumed me. For example, I have said before that I really enjoy my job at Omega Mart. But since I got this book, I find that when I'm at work, I continually have been thinking about the audiobook, eager to record, and dwelling on things I can do to make it better.

I excitedly await the day when the audiobook is for sell and I can announce what it is. And then, hopefully too, I can talk more about it and its characters and themes and how even though it's historical fiction, it feels extremely relevant to what is going on in the world today.

I think the cats, particularly Grizzabella, will be glad when I wrap up this project. They have felt neglected, especially her. My little shadow is used to following me wherever I go, and unfortunately her purring, shifting, and licking are too loud to be in the studio with me. But so is her plaintive meowing as she waits outside my studio door, so I sometimes have to lock her in our bedroom, and then she gets her feelings hurt. It's hard balancing all these cats with my and Isaias' work lives.

After I finish this project, I'm going to take a break. Not because I don't want to keep doing audiobooks—in fact, I would very much like to do more—but because Isaias' has three art shows coming up fairly close together, and in addition to that, his work needs him to fly to Miami a couple of times for extended work. So he is quite busy and a little overwhelmed, so I'm going to see if maybe I can help ease his load a bit.

His first show is one we have done for several years now, the All Hallow's Art Fest in Petaluma, California, just north of San Francisco. Isaias had always wanted to do the show, which is mostly focused on Halloween folk art but has also included Day of the Dead art, especially since he has started participating. For a couple of years starting in 2014, we went to the show, then called Halloween and Vine, as customers, and he always dreamed that one day he would get in as a participant and artist, and eventually, he did two years later in 2016. He has been doing it ever since, well except the year it was canceled due to the pandemic.

So that's our first show. That one is on Saturday, Sept. 24. We leave on the 22nd, it looks like. Originally it was going to be the 21st, but Isaias will be in Miami from September 13-21, it would appear. So we actually have to get a lot of our stuff ready to go before he even leaves for Miami on the 13th.

Then we come back to Vegas on the 27th, and then he might have to head back to Miami on the 28th and may not be back until October 13th. A lot of this is still up in the air.

Then a week after he gets back, we have to go to Salt Lake City, Utah and load an entirely different set of art for a show he will be doing at Pioneer Theatre Company's Loge Gallery from October 28th-November 12th. It's a pretty big undertaking and a lot of stuff to take. Then we have to go back to Utah on the 14th and pick up anything that didn't get sold.

Right after we take the stuff to Utah, Isaias has yet a third installation to do at the Springs Preserve's Dia de los Muertos Festival, which will take place November 4-6. Isaias has built enormous, elaborate altars for this event since 2016. It's a lot of work.

Anyway, the next couple of months are going to be hectic, and I feel taking a breather from the audiobook production will be more useful to our situation, and then when the shows are done, I'll pick up another one. My original plan was just to do one more before all these shows, but now that Miami is in the mix, I think Isaias is going to be spread a little thin and will need all the help and attention he can use.

I keep telling him he can do it and that everything is going to be okay. But I think he is feeling a bit of the stress and pressure, and I'm sure that will just increase as we get closer.

This house is in a bit of shambles at the moment, as it usually is this time of year with art projects and supplies strewn about everywhere. A lot of the time, Isaias is able to contain much of the mess to his craft room, but since his craft room and my studio are in close proximity to one another, he migrated downstairs to give me more quiet, so the chaos is much my fault this time. I'm grateful he made that sacrifice, and I'll be equally grateful when our house is back in order in November hopefully.

So that's what's up with us at the present time. Sorry I have been so lax about blogging.

Here are some photos of the cats, too.

One night, I took photos of all four cats. Three were sleeping. Guess who was the odd girl out?

This one of Grizzabella was taken when I was getting ready for work:

Dad's putting on his black shoes. That means he's going to work. I guess that means I will be alone and forsaken for the rest of the night. -sigh-

Franki asleep. He's so cute! And fat!

These two have become such buddies. It warms my heart.

Blondie's finally back to normal after enduring a stressful month of visitors. We were worried about her because she wouldn't go downstairs and kept hiding in the closet. But here she is on her favorite chair with me, and now all is right in her world.

And Grizzabella being a fashion model:

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