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Feeling Low with Chappy

Updated: Apr 12

The wind is howling today in Vegas. Chappy has been rather agitated by it, so I have spent most of the morning with her.

Poor little girl.

I just read a very depressing human interest story in the Washington Post about the effect of backwards mobility on a particular family in Michigan. It's even more sad when one thinks how many other families there are in the US and the world experiencing heart-wrenching tales of financial struggle and never being able to get on top of things.

And of course, there's this dreadful Ukraine situation. Ugh. It just makes me so sick and sad.

Isaias and I were talking last night about the helplessness of desiring to help everyone who needs help verses the inability to do so. We certainly try to help when opportunity and means present themselves, but it never feels like enough.

I need to get out of this funk I'm in. These types of depressing moments in life color perceptions in an unproductive way. And yet, it is what I currently feel, and I think it's okay—even healthy—to be honest when we are going through low moments.

Fortunately for me, unlike some people, these bouts of depression don't usually last long for me, so I am grateful for that.

And having Isaias, the cats, and a job and coworkers I enjoy is also enormously helpful at lifting my spirits.

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