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Big Hair and Feeling Good

I have mentioned in my About section here on this blog that I have big hair. You can see a photo of it there, too.

I know my hair is not everybody's style. I remember being at the Smith Center one night to see a show, and a guy behind me made some snide comment about how tall it was. And I've heard variations on that theme, both good-humored and kind of rude.

I've heard comparisons to:

Heat Miser


Doc Brown

Mad scientists in general

Jimmy Neutron

Johnny Bravo

Various anime characters that I am not familiar with

The list goes on.

But here's the thing. I don't really care whether other people like the way I style my hair or not. I like it. It makes me feel good about myself. And I have a good sense of humor about it. I don't mind the comparisons to any of the above characters. I make self-deprecating jokes about it myself. For example, I make a crack at work about how if you go through the wormhole, you might end up with hair like mine.

My ring and my hair, in that order, are the two things I am most complimented on about at my job.

My hair is also one of the things people make jokes or comments about. And it's all good. Nobody is asking them to wear their hair the way I wear mine. But I love it.

I used to wear my hair straight and parted for many years.

Then I kind of went for a more spiky look.

A few years ago, Isaias and I were watching this reality competition show called Face Off, and there was a contestant named Niko Gonzales, who I thought had a great-looking hairstyle.

I knew the hairstyle wouldn't look the same on me. I have a much rounder face, and I also have less hair on top.

But it was the look I wanted, and I found a hairstylist that was able to give me the look I wanted, and I have been wearing it pretty much that way ever since.

As a 51 year-old, pudgy, balding guy, I am aware the look might not be as stylish as it looks on, say, these guys:

But I love the way my hair makes me feel, and to me, that is the key thing. It matters not to me whether other people thinks it looks silly or cool. What matters is that I love it.

To me, these are almost-perfect hair days:

Today as I was getting lunch for Isaiae and me, some random guy in the parking lot made a special effort to tell me how great he thought my hair looked. I thought that was really nice of him.

Of course I enjoy getting compliments on my hair, but even if I didn't, I would wear it this way because I like my hairstyle.

I think too often we (myself so included in this) judge people based on how they dress or style their hair or do their makeup or whatever. Sometimes I think we'd be better off just letting people be who they want to be and express themselves in a way that makes them happy.

I used to be much more conservative in my appearance than I am now. Probably that comes from years of gay repression and trying to fit in. But the way I express myself through my clothing and hair makes me so much happier now.

I'm all about feeling good, whatever it takes as long as it's healthy.

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