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Fall On Me

I think I first saw this video a couple of years ago of Andrea Bocelli and his son Matteo singing their duet, "Fall On Me."

Every time I see this video (and often when I just hear the song), I cry. I think what really gets me is the love for each other that seems to be evident in both men's eyes. It feels like they likely have a healthy, loving relationship.

When Matteo starts singing, there is a quick shot of Andrea smiling, and it just feels like he's genuinely proud of his son. There's a shot later of Matteo looking at his dad, who has his hand on his Matteo's shoulder, and I just get the feeling how much Matteo loves his father.

Now obviously I don't know what Matteo and Andrea Bocelli's relationship is like in their day-to-day life, but this video indicates a loving one.

I look at all the black-and-white snapshots in the video of their life together from Matteo's childhood to present day, and it makes me think of the other reason the song and video make me cry.

I think about the legacy our loved ones, particularly our parents, leave us when they go.

These lyrics particularly

"Fall on me

With open arms

Fall on me

From where you are

Fall on me

With all your light

With all your light

With all your light"

feel almost like a plea: "Whether you are alive or not, let your light, your goodness, your love, and all you taught and made me 'fall on me' and stay with me."

Even when our loved ones are gone, everything they gave us in life, how they molded and shaped us, how they influenced us, stays with us. They are always a part of us, for better and for worse. And I think that's what touches me so.

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