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Facebook Peek

As you know, I started this blog to continue to share my thoughts without being on Facebook. In all honesty, I haven't missed Facebook that much. I was so addicted to it, and yet, it felt like a time-wasting, soul-sucking platform at times. It just wasn't good to be on it so constantly, and unfortunately, deactivation was the best way to get me off of it.

But I do miss knowing what's going on with friends and family, so I reactivated my account for about ten minutes Sunday, then deactivated it again after scrolling to see what was up with people I know and care about.

I found out two of my friends' mothers had passed away; another friend's cancer has returned; still another got married; and I found out one of my friends was scammed out of $15,000.00. I also, of course, saw many friends' thoughts and reactions to the situation in Ukraine, which is a sad and tragic subject that deserves a post of its own.

But those are the aspects of Facebook I like—keeping in touch and having a pulse on what's going on. However, it was clear after about ten minutes of scrolling that it was best for me to get off again.

So I'm off and still continue to use this blog to express myself. It's what's best for the time being. I do miss some aspects of being connected on Facebook, but this feels mentally healthier for me right now.

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