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Crazy Franki

Updated: Apr 12

Franki is such a sweet boy. He's definitely getting more comfortable, and so are the girls.

Check out these photos of everybody (except for Chappy, of course) comingling in relative harmony.

The girls still growl at him, but he doesn't seem too phased by it. He just wants to play and be friends with them. I feel like Grizzy, especially, is warming up to him. Baby steps.

This morning, Franki was dead asleep at my feet. Grizzy was asleep on the bench in front of our bed, so there was only a wicker wall between them. Later, Franki snuggled against me and let me pet him.

The other night he was cleaning himself and his tongue remained out after he finished. It made me laugh.

He was hungry when Isaias and I came home last night. I fed Grizzy from her bowl first, and of course, Franki wanted some.

Dad, why is this bowl empty?

But as soon as I started up the stairs, Franki bounded up after me because he knew I would be feeding him in his room.

Please tell me it's dinner time now, Dad!

He's such a funny, energetic guy. We sure love this little dude.

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