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COVID Hits Home

Well, Isaias has tested positive for COVID. He took two different tests, and both have come up positive. I have tested negative, but I won't be surprised if I catch it.

The good thing is we are both vaccinated and boosted, and thus far, his symptoms are relatively mild: a bit of congestion and a cough.

I have a bit of stuffiness in my nose. I'm not sure if it is related to Isaias' COVID or if it is just coincidental, but per my company's policy, it looks like I will be missing work until at least Thursday. Fortunately, Mondays and Tuesdays are my days off, so as long as my symptoms don't get worse and I don't develop a fever, I will only miss three days of work. Not exactly excited about that, but it is what it is.

Hopefully, Isaias' symptoms won't get worse and he will be COVID-free soon. And hopefully, I won't get it or will only get a light case of it.

In a strange way, I am feeling grateful. Somehow Isaias and I have managed to avoid catching this terrible disease that took his mother's life and disabled his brother. For more than two years, we've managed to stay safe, and there were some close calls as both of our places of employment had outbreaks at about the same time a few months ago. But we never caught it.

And now Isaias has it. But thanks to the vaccine, thus far his symptoms are not at all life-threatening. That is a great blessing. When I think how devastating this disease has been to our family, I am grateful that the vaccine has enabled us to fight off the worst of it. Hopefully, we both remain healthy and uncompromised.

Please pray for us. Thanks.

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