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Cats and Grief

This is my all-time favorite photo of Trooper and me—and there are some serious contenders amongst the gazillions I have of the two of us and her alone:

This came up in my photo memories today, along with a video of Jasper. I sure miss them both.

I was telling Isaias just last night that I'm so glad that these other cats have made Trooper and Jasper's passings more manageable.

Grizzy, especially, is my little shadow. She almost literally follows me everywhere and hangs out with me. She gets so sad when I go to work or lock her out of a room I'm in. She's almost always there to greet me when I come home. It's hard to feel lonely and sad when I have a cat like that. She (and, of course, Blondie, Franki, and Chappy) have managed to fill the hole in my heart left by the void created by Trooper and Jasper's deaths, and that has been a vast void indeed.

It's still hard to believe it hasn't even been a full year since we lost both of these precious cats. Jasper's anniversary will be coming up soon in October and Trooper's will be in December. I think those upcoming anniversaries will be hard.

I see this painting every night, and I miss my babies so much:

How I love my babies.

And I just realized we now need to add a painting of Franki to our wall. Maybe Milagro too.

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