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Cat Happenings

With the sad news this week regarding the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas and today being Nena's birthday, I'm a little down today.

And so it seems appropriate to lighten the mood with a cat post, especially since I've received requests for more cat news.

What can I say, Grizzabella and Franki seem to be good friends now, although their sleeping schedules do not always sync up. Franki likes to sleep in the middle of the day, and it often appears that Grizzy would like him to come out and play. Even this afternoon, she was staring at him while he was sleeping, seemingly hoping to get him up with the power of her death stare.

The two often sleep near each other now or sometimes enclose me in a cat sandwich by sleeping on either side of me. But Isaias and I often catch the two of them together, both awake and asleep.

I've even seen the two of them nuzzling noses, so we're glad they seem happy with one another. Although I think both of them have maybe gotten too close because they both have goo in their eyes today.

Grizzabella gets absolutely incensed when I am not around. She follows me everywhere and just hangs out with me, whatever I am doing. She cries and cries when I go to work, go visit Chappy, or play songs by Andrea Bocelli (apparently she is not a fan).

She is just my little shadow. She also gets perturbed if I don't feed her paté on her schedule.

Franki, as always, is a spaz. He's like a toddler. He is easily startled and runs wildly if we come near him too abruptly. He is easily the heaviest cat in the house, which I didn't think was possible. He's like a big, furry bowling ball. So when he runs, he sometimes has a hard time stopping because physics and inertia cause his big, fat body to continue on its trajectory.

He has loads of energy but also sleeps a lot because I think he tuckers himself out. He's usually pretty good with the litter box but occasionally sprays now and then. Hopefully he doesn't have a urinary tract infection. I don't think he does; I think he just sometimes has a feral mentality. Plus, maybe he feels like his fat body doesn't fit in the litter box.

He loves, loves, loves having his tummy rubbed and gives us playful little nips that sometimes are just a bit too hard. But he's getting gentler. His wide eyes always make it seem like he's on cocaine.

Blondie, as I've previously mentioned, is definitely showing her age. Her balance is not as good and she can't leap on high things anymore. She likes to get on the table when we are eating but for some reason won't use the chairs to help her get to the table. Instead, she likes to use my leg, which I do not appreciate, especially since her nails are sharp.

She can be a grumpy-butt, growling at Franki, Grizzy, and Chappy when she sees them. But she's is never aggressive, just annoyed and barely tolerant. In other ways, though, Blondie has a very kitten-like energy at times, running with glee any time I sit in her chair or when she gets into a new pet carrier Isaias bought.

She has even come up to sleep with us when Franki is on the bed. That's pretty big for her.

Our little weirdo, Chappy, is just as weird as ever.

She mostly keeps to herself in her room watching reruns of Degrassi: The Next Generation, which I often watch with her.

She's been sleeping under her bed lately. Not sure why. She's a fidgety cat and is easily startled. But she loves when Isaias and I hang out in her room and licks herself frantically when we pet her.

All four cats could use haircuts. They are all shedding like crazy. I don't think Chappy would tolerate a haircut, though.

Isaias has some outdoor cats he takes care of, too.

All in all, it's a very happy cat family.

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