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Bonding with Blondie

Updated: Apr 12

I miss Trooper so much, but if anything good has come out of her death, it's that my relationship with her daughter, Blondie, has become better.

I was telling Isaias last night that I always felt like Blondie was our most neglected cat. Out of all the cats, she is the most low-maintenance. Jasper and Trooper had health issues that required quite a bit of attention. Grizzabella, who has separation anxiety, follows me everywhere I go. Chappy needs a lot of one-on-one time. And because Blondie could kind of take care of herself, she often got the short end of the stick when it came to affection.

But with Jasper and Trooper gone now and with Franki and Grizzy being able to manage themselves, I feel like I've really gotten to spend much more time with Blondie. After Trooper died, she did seem to get a bit more needy, and now I had more time to heed that call, and so we will spend a lot of time together.

Her absolute favorite thing is to sit in her favorite chair together. It's almost like a game we play. We she sees me heading towards it, she gets so excited and runs toward it like a little kitten.

And then we sit and cuddle. She often falls asleep next to me or sits on my lap.

She's just so happy.

Isaias and I sometimes forget that Blondie is only a year younger than Trooper. She's had so few health issues over the years and still acts very kitten-like. We do see her age, though. She's has a much harder time hopping up on things.

But I'm glad my little Blondie and I have gotten more bonding time in the wake of Trooper's passing.

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