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Blondie and The Rest

I haven't written a cat update lately.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my niece, my great-nephews, and their cat Romeo have been staying with us during the month. We have really enjoyed having them and will be sad when they go back to California.

The cats have been very discombobulated by their visit, however. Franki and Blondie, in particular, have not handled the visit very well. Blondie, who normally hangs out downstairs, has been holed up in our bedroom pretty much since our relatives arrived, and Franki spends the majority of the time hiding under the bed.

Franki, Blondie, and Grizzabella used to hang out downstairs, and Franki and Grizzy would often be at the front door to greet us when we would come home. But they pretty much stay confined to our bedroom these days.

At first, I thought it was Romeo that was bothering them, although Blondie seems to be the only one truly aggravated by Romeo. Grizzy doesn't care for him but is not afraid of him, and while he tries to be friendly to everyone, Romeo knows that Grizzy isn't a fan.

Surprisingly, Franki actually doesn't seem bothered by Romeo at all. He's skittish around everybody, but when he has been out and about, he seems more curious about Romeo than fearful, and they check each other out without any fuss.

No, what I think the cats are really afraid of is the boys. Our great-nephews are good kids, but I think the cats just prefer not to be around them. Grizzy seems to be the only one brave enough to venture out around them, but even she would rather not be with them. She's even resorted to hiding under the bed at times, too, which is so unlike her.

Blondie and Franki, on the other hand, freak out any time the boys are in their vicinity. Franki hides and Blondie panics any time the boys even get close.

What's really been concerning is that Blondie will not leave our room. We have had to bring her food and water into the bedroom because she is not eating or drinking like she should be. We're hoping it's just stress, but it is also possible it's age related. It is even conceivable she could be developing dementia like her mom.

She is acting very unusual. She also pooped in our tub, something she has never done in the 14 years we've lived here. Yet her energy still seems good. But she has lost weight, and she does seem stressed. You know when she's rather spend time with Grizzy and Franki than be out on her own that there is something wrong.

So that makes me sad. I'm hoping she'll get back to normal when we take our niece and nephews back to California. In spite of the cats' stress, we have really enjoyed having them here. I know I will be sad when they go back.

The other thing that is happening is that Romeo has discovered our cats' food and tries to eat it. He always thinks he's starving.

My niece has him on a pretty strict diet, so unlike Blondie, he has actually gained weight, and none of our "kids" are happy that he is horning in on their territory.

Chappy is oblivious to all the drama. She has been holed up in her room this entire time. We visit and socialize with her regularly, but we have not let her out while our relatives have been here. I think it would push her over the edge. In some ways, she's probably the happiest cat in the house right now—well, besides Romeo—even if she doesn't know it.

I am genuinely concerned that the cats aren't going to the bathroom like they should. I don't want anyone getting a urinary tract infection because they are too afraid to use the litter box. Even with their food and water in our room, their routine is not the same, and they truly seem off kilter as a result.

Romeo tries to visit the room just to say hi—and sneak some snacks—but everyone is so wary. Good grief, Blondie can barely tolerate the cats she lives with. Romeo is not helping her mood. And yet, he is such a sweet and friendly cat. I try to give him attention, too.

Anyway, the cats are definitely trying to figure out how to adjust. I think they are getting more and more used to the boys and Romeo being here, but Blondie really is the one I am the most worried about. She's an old lady whose health seems to be declining.

I'm just glad she still has her usual energy, otherwise I would be even more concerned. But she's obviously stressed, and she threw up a couple of times, so if that continues, we will take her in to the vet. Here are two more photos that I thought were cute.

This one is Romeo staring through Grizzabella's "house."

And this one is of Grizzabella standing on our scale as if to say, "Dad, there's no way I could have gained this much weight!"

I'm actually surprised the scale doesn't register her weight because she's a chunky one.

Although no one is as chunky and heavy as Franki. I haven't even seen him eat that much lately, but he must be because he still weighs a ton.

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