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Back to School (Sort Of)

So I've started taking this audiobook production course. It's something I've been interested in doing for quite some time now, and this course has gotten excellent reviews and seems to produce students that actually end up working.

It was quite an investment. I had wanted to take it last year but Isaias and I had just come off from being unemployed and I just didn't feel I could make the financial sacrifice at the time.

This year we're doing better, and as a birthday gift, Isaias is helping me pay for some of it.

But it also means I'm busy lately. The class has homework, and that has been taking up much of my time, and so I haven't had as much time to blog.

The course is a month-long course every Monday and Thursday with lifetime access to the classes and future content. Because of work I am only able to attend the live sessions on Mondays, but I am able to watch the Thursday sessions later.

Monday was my first class. I had also done some Standardized Patient work that day (a very part-time job I have through UNLV's School of Medicine where the hire actors to play patients to teach future doctors and nurses how to conduct examinations and deal with real-world medical challenges). So I was quite tired.

And the class was three hours long. But it was good. Lots of useful information. I'm eager for the next one. I just feel if someone could teach me step by step how to produce audiobooks, I could be good at it. I tried self-teaching when I was unemployed, and I probably could have produced a mediocre, even passable, audiobook. But I was much more interested in being able to produce something of high quality. I just didn't feel confident enough that I could.

So my hopes are that this course will steer me in the right direction. So far I am not disappointed. I think next week we start getting into the more technical aspects of production, which is where I feel I am especially lacking.

I'm surprised by just how much content they are fitting in a relatively short time, but past graduates of the course almost unanimously say it's worth it. I only read one negative review about the course, and the review left me feeling that maybe it had more to do with the student than the teachers.

Anyway, I will be a bit time-crunched this next month. I will post stuff when I can.

Wish me luck.

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