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Audiobook Groupies

Again, apologies for not blogging regularly these days. This audiobook I'm working on is consuming so much of my time. I love working on it, and I'm excited about it, but it is an intensive project, and that's where my focus is right now.

I have one more chapter to do before I'm done with Part One (28 chapters total in that part), and then there will be 19 chapters left to do in part two.

Two particular chapters were bears to record and edit. Just very wordy stuff, and in one of those chapters, I was unhappy with my performance and re-recorded about 80% of it. But I was much happier with the final result.

The two chapters I worked on today were fun from an acting perspective and relatively easy from a recording and editing perspective. I think the last chapter of Part One—tomorrow's project—will be more challenging, but not as challenging as the two chapters I spoke about above.

It does feel quite satisfying to be more than halfway through the project. Isaias and I took our niece and great-nephews nephews back to California after their month-long stay with us. My niece drove, so I took advantage of listening to everything I had recorded and uploaded for the rights holder (who also is the author of the book), and I hope this doesn't sound boastful or conceited, but I am really proud of how it has come out so far. I was really pleased.

Apparently, I have groupies. Franki and Grizzabella will hang out outside the door to my studio while I'm recording. I'm just thankful they don't cry, as they have both been known to do—Grizzabella especially—because the microphone would definitely pick them up. But they just wait for me to come out.

Isaias got this photo of Franki the other day. Grizzy was not far away, either.

Grizzy and Franki still hang out a lot and still seem to be friends.

Blondie is kind of over everybody right now, although while my niece's cat Romeo was staying with us, Blondie hung out with Franki and Grizzabella, although she still found them an annoyance.

I think if Romeo had stayed more permanently, he and Franki and Grizzy would have become friends. Grizzy and Franki both were definitely getting used to him.

Blondie, on the other hand, was not a fan.

Can you see Romeo in the photo above? Blondie certainly knows he is there.

I hear Romeo has been acting out since he's been home. I think he misses all his "friends" and the all-you-can-eat buffet he was getting while he was here. I think he misses us. Our kids certainly don't miss him hogging all their food.

While the cats were getting used to Romeo, I think the kids made them nervous, although I thought the kids were well behaved towards them. Blondie stayed holed up in our room the whole time, and Franki hid under the bed quite often. Blondie still won't venture out like she used to. Chappy, of course, was sequestered, but my nephews did feed and visit her, which I'm sure she enjoyed. Grizzy was really the only one who started to let the boys pet and interact with her.

Now that the boys are gone, Grizzy and Franki seem to be back to their same routines, and Chappy will get to go out more often like she once did. Blondie is the only one who seems to have been traumatized enough by the visit to not go back to her normal routine.

Franki even slept by me this morning.

We gotta get everybody's nails trimmed, and everyone but Chappy needs to haircut. Franki's hair gets quite matted, and he sheds a lot. But they all need it.

Anyway, that's what's up. I will write when I ca

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