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Audiobook Excitement

I completed the first two chapters of the audiobook I am narrating and producing. It's really exciting. I have wanted to be able to do this for a long time, and now I seem to know how.

What's really great is that the rights holder of the book is pleased with my work. There are things in my audio production that I am critical of, but she is very happy with my work thus far, and as far as she knows, this isn't my first rodeo because I'm behaving as though I have done this many times.

The course I took has been enormously helpful at helping me feel confident about my work and is helping me come across like I'm a seasoned pro at this.

I like the book and characters, so it's been fun to do. I'm grateful this is my first one because it feels easy even though there is a lot of work involved. But the editing method I learned in the course is very fast and efficient. I think, in time, I will also learn to read better without making so many mistakes.

I am a good cold reader and even better when I have read through the selections a couple of times, but I still make more errors than I think I am capable of.

The method we used to "proof" our recordings is easier and faster than what I am doing for this particular book because it is my first effort, and I want to hear each selection and make it more perfect than I probably have to. I won't end up doing what I'm doing on future books, I don't think, but I am being more deliberate and meticulous with this one simply because it is my first.

I, of course, am so excited and eager that I just want to keep recording, but I also have to give my voice a rest, too, because it has to be in good shape and sound consistent.

So I have just done two chapters, and I think I am done for today unless I feel I have it in me later tonight to do chapter three.

But I feel proud and accomplished, and I'm so grateful the rights holder is happy and that my first audiobook production experience has been positive thus far.

Still learning.

Only twenty-one chapters to go.

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